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Crash Dummy vs. the evil D-Troit

Platform(s): PC, PSP, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Twelve Interactive

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'Crash Dummy vs. The Evil D-Troit' (PSP/Xbox/PC) - 65 New Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 16, 2006 @ 4:51 a.m. PST

Crash Dummy vs. the evil D-Troit is a funny, non-violent action game full of special effects. Players take the role of the unique and exciting character called "Crash Dummy" who tries to save the future of his best friend and all the other Dummies.

Thanks to Virtools engine and the Havok Physic Pack (real world physical interaction) you can fight with many different styles in an interactive environment against evil D-Troit's prototypes dummies. Move cases, throw barrels, climb walls, swim and use weapons like the Liquid-Bazooka to freeze, glue or burn the bad dummies. In other words just have fun, fun and more fun with the character and the gameplay!

Pleased to be signing "Crash Dummy vs. the evil D-Troit" , MD of Schanz International Consultants, Mr. Gerhard Schanz says: "We are sure that the innovative concepts of Twelve Interactive will be appreciated by markets worldwide. Our Team is excited about working on this unique title which has a market appeal and cool effects that is a dream for any publisher."

Mr. Giuseppe Crugliano, founder of Twelve Interactive comments: "We are very glad to cooperate with Schanz International Consultants, because of their deep knowledge of the Videogames Market and their complete dedication to the licensed products and developers. Finally we can now focus completely on the development of our title leaving a team of professionals do the business job for us! I am looking forward to the great success of "Crash Dummy" with our partnership with SIC."

"Inside D-Industries, the evil D-Troit is creating new crash dummy prototypes. D-troit has a dark past and before dedicating himself to crash tests, it seems he lead a criminal life full of robbery, swindles and racketeering. Even today, behind the "normal" activities of Dindustries, it appears he's hiding some dark criminal projects. According to some people, he's even using these new crash dummy prototypes for bank robberies and many other kinds of crime.

Prof. Advisor’s Crash-Industry has been shut because of a mysterious attack that destroyed a good part of the buildings and damaged the equipment. The economic damage was so great that the complex had to be closed and most of the dummies sold to D-Troit.

Prof. Advisor knows very well that D-Troit is behind all his problems, but he needs to find a witness. His only hope is to rely on his most faithful friend and companion, Crash Dummy. Crash Dummy's girlfriend, Tyre, was kidnapped and dismantled into pieces by the evil D-Troit, because on the night of the explosion she had seen D-Troit's prototype dummies placing the bombs in the Crash- Industry.

The future of Prof. Advisor and all the other dummies lies in the hands of a single...Crash Dummy.”

Features :

  • Gameplay - Crash dummy is an ACTION GAME that grabs you straight away and has really amusing gameplay. All the possible actions that Crash Dummy can do make the game experience extraordinarily funny and enjoyable . There are also many different fighting styles used to battle against the enemies from unarmed fighting to throwing cases, barrels and other physical elements, and using weapons like the Liquid-Bazooka that can freeze, glue or burn the bad dummies.
  • No violence The entire game lacks violence. The fighting system is funny and ironical and enemies cannot die but only run away in fear or be blocked. It's a game for everyone of all ages.
  • Physical world All the Crash Dummy levels have been created using the physical Engine Havok, a standard for the management of physics in videogames for PC,XBOX and PS2. The player can interact with a large number of objects, he can move cases, roll barrels, use hooks and ropes in order to climb and swing, destroy walls, and make pylons and poles fall.
  • Crash Tests Carry out real crash tests to win bonuses and to finish some of the funniest levels: the physics of the cars and Ragdoll system will literally leave you open-mouthed!
  • Special Effects Graphical effects like fire, water, explosions etc have been created with the help of the most professional software e.g. Pixel Shader and Pyro, that are even used in filmmaking.
  • Soundtrack “Ordinary Life”, the latest video of the famous pop band Liquido (, will be used as an introduction sequence of the game. The original video has been mixed with the original CG sequence that illustrates Crash Dummy's story.

The game mechanics of Crash Dummy are largely based on real world physical interaction (Havok). All the Objects in the levels can be used to defeat enemies, avoid traps, create traps. Rolling barrels, swinging chains and hooks can be used as “weapons” to hit the monsters that populate each level. But Crash Dummy is part of this physical world so he too can be hit by these moving objects. The player, therefore, has to avoid them and pay attention. Crash Dummy can make different types of moves:

  • 1. Different types of funny idles
  • 2. Running (Analogical sticks will let the player
  • 1. increase/decrease speed)
    2. Sneak
  • 3. Jump
  • 4. Punch
  • 5. Kick
  • 6. Make combos of punches and kicks
  • 7. Hide behind Walls for small stealth game sections.
  • 8. Duck
  • 9. Swing on chains/ropes
  • 10.Grab a pipe, and slide across it with hands.
  • 11.Swing on a pipe
  • 12.Push and pull objects (Barrels, Cartons etc)
  • 13.Use paintball-bazooka

Paintball Bazooka : During the game Crash Dummy can charge the Bazooka with three types of weapons:

  • 1. Blue liquid (Ice) to freeze enemies
  • 2. Green liquid (acid) to burn enemies
  • 3. Yellow liquid (Glue) to stick enemies to the floor or walls

Crash Tests : The player has to do some crash tests to complete some of the levels. Put Crash Dummy inside cars, select the right speed, put the ramps in the right position and…Crash!
End Level Big Bosses : Fight against giant end-level bosses: Mechanical robots, flying robots, evil crash dummies, cyber-cranes.

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