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'Darsana' Announced

by Rainier on Jan. 2, 2006 @ 3:39 a.m. PST

Darsana is a combination of a fast paced first person shooter, and a detailed statistics system and strategies of an RPG. Darsana runs along the lines of a fantasy medieval time including magic, and one of the opposition forces being the Undead. It is solely multiplayer and meant for 5-30 people per server.

Tired of those slow and boring turn based fanatasy games? Want fast paced real time action in a fantasy setting? If so, then Darsana is definitely a game to look into.

Darsana is a FREE standalone game which uses the DarkPlaces engine. Featuring different styles of combat, players can use melee weapons, range weapons and magic. Players can even customize combinations of the three. Become a knight or join the ranks of the undead. Darsana features multiple gamemodes, including team deathmatch, attack and defend, and kill the god.

In team deathmatch, players duke it out in a pure fragfest. In attack and defend, one team attacks anothers stronghold. Imagine being a knight having to fend off hordes of undead are your castle gate, all in real time! In kill the god, each team has a god that they must defend. If a team's god is destroyed, they lose the match.

So if you have even remote interest in Darsana be sure to head over to

Also if you are interested helping to develop the game then please stop by as there are many volunteer job openings for Mappers, Modelers, Skinners, and more!

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