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'Konami's Chess Battle' (PSP) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 25, 2006 @ 7:05 p.m. PST

Konami's Chess Battle combines intense 3D graphics and storytelling with a variety of single and multiplayer game modes for the ultimate chess experience. Players can choose to battle as one of five fully interactive 3D chess sets, including magicians, an aquatic civilization, cybernetic beings, forest-dwelling spirits and servants of chaos -- or have the option to play using a classic 3D or 2D chess set.

Taking full advantage of the PSP system’s wireless connectivity, Konami’s Chess Battle will feature extensive multiplayer modes including gameplay over the Internet. In addition, the game will offer comprehensive single player modes that will challenge the skills of even the most experienced players. Combining powerful 3D graphics, animated battle sequences and storytelling as well as an intense Speed Chess mode, Konami’s Chess Battle promises to deliver the ultimate interactive chess experience.

Konami’s Chess Battle is set in a world many ages ago when the universe was composed of five distinct aspects that were struggling against each other to gain supremacy. Players choose to battle as one of five fully 3D interactive chess sets (magicians, an aquatic civilization, cybernetic beings, forest-dwelling spirits and servants of chaos) or use a classic 3D or 2D chess set to determine the fate of the universe in the great fight between the races. In addition to 30 unique character models, Konami’s Chess Battle will also feature a single player story mode with an unlockable storyline as well as an interactive online world for intense 3D combat. The game uses the PSP system’s “Ad-hoc” and “Infrastructure” modes for wireless multiplayer gameplay. Players can either compete in a single match against another player, or enter the online world and play a series of games over the Internet as well as track player rankings.

Konami’s Chess Battle not only brings classic chess to the PSP system, but it also adds several new twists to classic chess rules with a Speed Chess mode. Offering intense gameplay, the Speed Chess mode allows the player to move all the pieces on the board at once. This mode is perfect for the PSP system player who may want to pick up a quick game on the go.

Konami’s Chess Battle is being developed by Leviathan Games. The game will be available in fall 2006, exclusively for the PSP system.

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