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Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: GameFactory

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'Officers' Development Update

by Rainier on Oct. 16, 2006 @ 12:24 p.m. PDT

Officers is a 3D real time strategy game with RPG elements that lets the player act as an officer commanding tank and infantry units. The dynamic and gripping gameplay will allow the player to experience delights of victory and bitterness of defeat with up to 1.500 units simultaneously engaged in a battle. The story of the game is based on the general facts of the World War II.

Six-year bloodshed known as World War II left tragic memories and unbelievable legends about glory and courage of the millions of soldiers. Even though it happened in the distant past, there are many questions yet to be answered. What would have happened if things had gone a different way? Was there an opportunity to finish the war sooner? What if there was someone who could effectively change the course of history? These questions together with a strong yearning to create a new and unique 3D RTS game pushed GFi UA (3A Games) to development of Officers.

Officers is a 3D RTS game with a non-linear storyline where the player acts as a military commander. The game is also a unique combat simulator that covers the whole period of World War II - player goes to the front as a commander of a small subdivision. Even though the ultimate objective is to occupy the enemy's capital, the game will feature special missions and tasks. Position of the forces at the moment of the war outbreak is historically correct. Global AI then takes care of control of the armies and sets current objectives to the player. Eventually, the outcome of the war totally depends on tactical skills of the player and his performance.

Latest development update :

  • The mission structure has been modified. Now the Officers will provide totally non-linear gameplaying experience. The gamer may feel free in choosing the next step. Aside from main missions, the game will now offer a few secondary ones. Successful accomplishment of these additional missions will make the game more interesting and will also award the gamer with extra bonuses.
  • The system of reinforcements has been revised. Earlier reinforcement squads were built up in advance by the computer. The strength of each of them was strictly limited by the program. Now the gamer is free to decide which and how many of available units he needs.
  • The resource supplying system has been adjusted. Each material source now has its own range inside of which all your friendly units do not spend their supplies (the tanks do not run out of gas, infantry men do not consume their rations). But they will begin to use them as soon as they leave this resource saving area.

Battles will take place on 20x20 km maps that are located in the main sectors of the front. Each side will have up to 1500 troops with the possibility to control up to 500 troops. Different territories will have different landscapes, i.e. the way it is in real life. Day and night cycles, times of year, weather ffects etc will have a strong influence on the gameplay. The game reproduces the military structures of the armies and includes all main types of troops such as infantry, tanks, artillery, air forces, sappers, intelligence, counterintelligence and others. In terms of weaponry, the game will feature many well-known types of weapons and outfits different for each country. The same applies to air forces, military equipment and transports. The main character as well as other units has a number of upgradeable parameters that grow along the course of the game.


  • Real sun and moon movements and effects;
  • Day and night cycle, different weather conditions;
  • Special equipment for night use and for difficult weather conditions;
  • Realistic nature including liquid surfaces, mountains, etc.
  • Interactive terramorphing, allowing units to dig in, use shell holes to take cover from fire, etc;
  • Game locations of 5?5 km;
  • Particle System - fire, gunshots, smoke, explosions, and destructions;
  • Interactive destructible environment;
  • Unique AI targeting system;
  • SpeedTree technology for realistic landscapes;
  • DirectX9 graphical engine;
  • Dynamical per-pixel lightening;
  • Dynamical shading and self-shadowing.

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