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Thursday, October 26, 2006 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on Oct. 26, 2006 @ 9:57 a.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Guild Wars Nightfall (PC)

Set in the land of Elona where an evil ruler is attempting to summon her outcast god, Nightfall will ask the stout of heart are asked to answer the rallying cry of the Sunspears - the protectors of the realm - to fight back the looming darkness descending upon the land. As you explore opulent cities, brave savage coasts, delve deep into ancient monuments, and discover the secrets of poisonous deserts, you will determine the fate of the entire realm of Elona.

To aid you in your duty, Nightfall introduces exciting new features such as:

  • Heroes - customizable companions that level up with you, use weapons and skills of your choosing, and go forth with you into battle.
  • Hero Battles, the ultimate one-on-one challenge, that allow two players, and their Heores, to compete against one another in new PVP gameplay
  • Templates that let players save, store, and exchange Hero builds, providing countless combinations to create the ultimate team of Heroes.
  • Along with the new features Nightfall provides twenty new missions, hundreds of new skills, new armor, two fierce new professions, and endless replayability.

"Guild Wars Nightfall is already being heralded as the best of the Guild Wars series by the record-breaking number of fans who participated in preview events," says Robert Garriott, CEO, NCsoft North America. "Nightfall brings innovative new features to the game that revolutionized the online gaming genre and NCsoft is thrilled to launch this flagship game in time for the holidays."

Guild Wars Nightfall will be available in both Standard and Collector's Editions. The Collector's Edition includes the Guild Wars Nightfall game as well as a Making of Guild Wars Nightfall behind-the-scenes DVD produced by Gameplay HD, a collector's art book, collectible skill pins, a character mini-standee, a poster-sized map of Elona, and the Guild Wars Nightfall soundtrack CD. Guild Wars Nightfall is also premiering the PlaySmart(TM) tips card that will be included in both retail editions.

"The Guild Wars Nightfall launch is one of the most anticipated of the holiday season," said Bob McKenzie, Senior VP of Merchandising, GameStop, Inc. "From its beginnings just a year and a half ago, the Guild Wars franchise has grown into an unquestioned success story. The new play experiences and features in Nightfall clearly show the ArenaNet developers have hit yet another home run."

Guild Wars, an instant bestseller in North America and Europe upon its release in April 2005, and Guild Wars Factions(TM), the number one game in both North America and Europe earlier this year, are global online roleplaying games. With an expected retail price of $49.99 and still no subscription fee, Guild Wars Nightfall is set to become an instant hit when it becomes available worldwide. Servers supporting the new release will "go live" at 12:01 AM PDT /7:01 AM GMT on October 27, 2006.

Star Trek: Tactical Assault (NDS)

Star Trek: Tactical Assault features two full-length campaigns for the Federation and the Klingon Empire. You take command of a powerful warship and must make split-second decisions under fire, outmaneuver enemy warships, and make calculated assessments about your enemy’s weaknesses while protecting your own. With a multitude of paths to choose from in each campaign, you will ultimately decide the direction and outcome of your story.

In addition to the story driven single-player campaigns, Star Trek: Tactical Assault features high-energy, action-packed one-off battles found in the ‘Skirmish’ and ‘Wireless Multiplayer’ modes. The ‘Skirmish’ mode allows players to test their abilities against the A.I. while the wireless multiplayer action allows them to go head-to-head against a friend. In these special modes players can command ships from the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Gorn, and Orion fleets.

Star Trek: Tactical Assault for the PSP will follow closely behind, beginning to appear on store shelves the week of November 13th.Star Trek: Tactical Assault is rated E for Everyone.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro (PSP)

Developed by Climax Racing specifically for the PSP system, ATV Offroad Fury Pro provides players with more than 30 off-road vehicles to tear through 64 tracks all unique to the game. Additionally, for the first time in the history of the franchise, players can now test their off-road racing skills using MX bikes, buggies, and trophy trucks in addition to ATVs.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro accurately re-creates the physics of each vehicle type in the game, providing players a unique off-road racing experience.

"ATV Offroad Fury Pro exemplifies our commitment to adding brand new and highly innovative features that revolutionize our most popular franchises, further adding depth to the ever expanding lineup of PSP software," said Susan Nourai, director, online and product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "ATV Offroad Fury Pro focuses on both variety and high-energy action with new vehicle classes, enhanced vehicle customization, and innovative compatibility between the PSP and PlayStation 2 titles."

ATV Offroad Fury Pro and ATV Offroad Fury 4 feature compatibility, allowing gamers to exchange vehicles and tracks and access a shared online community, where players can access message boards and view scores, rankings, player profiles, and exchange game data. Players are also able to create custom circuits using the Track Editor function and share them with others online.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro features more than 64 visually stunning environments with six distinct terrain types. The game's multiplayer functions allow racers to compete locally via Ad Hoc mode or against gamers around the country via wireless online multiplayer connectivity using Infrastructure Mode. Additionally, ATV Offroad Fury Pro has a variety of race modes including Practice, Lap Attack, Single Race, Championship, and Freeride as well as five completely new event types: Endurocross, Rallycross, Circuit, Rally, and Snowcross.

Building on the frenetic action of the gameplay, the ATV Offroad Fury Pro soundtrack features high octane music from today's hottest artists, including Thirty Seconds to Mars, Audioslave and Family Force 5, and also boasts original tracks created exclusively for the games by such artists as Alkaline Trio, Senses Fail, All That Remains, From Autumn to Ashes, Moneen, and many more.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated both ATV Offroad Fury titles "E" for "Everyone."

Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition (PC)

Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition includes full versions of the original Dungeon Siege II, Dungeon Siege II: Broken World expansion pack, and a number of collectible items including a fold-out map, concept art, character portraits, wallpapers, and "The Making of Dungeon Siege II" video.

Dungeon Siege II was developed by Gas Powered Games and named "RPG of the Year" by GameSpy and PC Gamer. The recently released Dungeon Siege II: Broken World expansion pack brought closure to the epic storyline. The popular and critically acclaimed Dungeon Siege action-RPG series offers role-playing fans all the excitement of exploring a lavish, next generation 3D world while keeping the gameplay focus on intense and challenging non-stop action.

Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition, rated M for Mature, is available now in North America for PC for $39.99. Dungeon Siege II: Deluxe Edition will be available at European retail stores in early November.

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