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Friday, November 10, 2006 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on Nov. 10, 2006 @ 6:28 a.m. PST

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

The History Channel: Civil War (PS2/X360/PC)

Gamers can relive history through the eyes of a Confederate or Union soldier and experience such famous battles as Gettysburg, Bull Run and Antietam.

"The History Channel Civil War gives gamers the chance to experience the defining moment in our nation's history," said David Oxford, Activision Publishing, Inc. "We utilized reference materials from The History Channel like topographical maps and photographs, and did extensive research on combat methods, weaponry and more to ensure that players would have a unique and authentic Civil War experience."

"The History Channel is always looking for ways to make history experiential for our viewers, and gaming is a fantastic way to do that," said Carrie Trimmer, Director of Licensing, A&E Television Networks. "Activision has taken great care in recreating the wartime conditions that both Confederate and Union soldiers faced, and I think the game will deliver the type of authentic experience viewers expect from The History Channel brand."

The History Channel: Civil War casts players in the role of a Confederate or Union soldier battling through 12 of the most famous battles in U.S. history. Each mission is introduced with a documentary video describing the historic moments in a battle, movements of armies, local fights, historical photos and battle statistics. Gamers will experience the intense conflicts of the Civil War in famous locations like Little Round Top and Lookout Mountain to the diverse landscapes of train yards, saw mills and military forts while using bayonets, sabers, the butt of a gun and even their fists to take down the enemy. A wide arsenal of rifles, multiple types of grenades, exploding artillery, revolvers, muskets and more are at the soldier's disposal to set charges, place explosives, sabotage enemy lines, destroy buildings and more to complete mission objectives.

The History Channel Civil War has been rated "T" (Teen) and is currently available for the Xbox 360 for $49.99, the PS2 for a suggested retail price of $39.99 and the PC for $29.99.

The Sims 2 Holiday Edition & The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff (PC)

The holidays are a perfect time to introduce a family member or friend to The Sims 2 world. Having sold more than 70 million games around the world, The Sims franchise is a cultural phenomenon with worldwide appeal that crosses borders, generations and genders. In fact, more than half of The Sims players are female, making this a great gift for all the ladies in your life, young or old! The broad themes of The Sims games are drawn from day-to day-life, making the experience instantly enjoyable for even the most novice game player; The Sims encourages players to create and control virtual people over an entire lifetime. Players enjoy participating in all the ups and downs of their Sims' lives -- from the big events such as falling in love or building their first house to the more heart-warming moments such as putting up their family's first Christmas tree and welcoming Santa's arrival!

Available for a limited time only, The Sims 2 Holiday Edition is a great value that includes the critically-acclaimed game, The Sims 2 -- in its entirety -- plus 60 global holiday-themed items that allow your Sims to add sparkle to their holiday celebrations. Available for the same suggested retail price as the original game, The Sims 2 Holiday Edition will include this holiday bonus content, allowing players to spread holiday cheer by turning their Sims' home into a sugar plum fairy land, organizing a holiday get together, even rocking out with Funky the Snowman!

Fans of The Sims 2 for PC can also catch the holiday spirit this season! The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff will make your Sims' holidays even more festive with an updated collection of seasonal items, outfits, and decor. The pack contains more than 60 items like mistletoe, reindeer lawn ornaments and all-new items from of around the globe like a European-style Father Christmas.

Rated "T" for Teen, The Sims 2 Holiday Edition ($39.99, includes The Sims 2) and The Sims 2 Happy Holiday Stuff ($19.99) promise to spice up your Sims' festivities with seasonal items, outfits and decor. Whether for the avid fan of The Sims or casual game players, The Sims 2 games are the perfect stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!

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