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'Sacred: Underworld' - v2.28 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 14, 2006 @ 4:41 a.m. PST

In Sacred: Underworld, players will be able to re-live the excitement of the entire original Sacred adventure with two new characters, or continue with existing characters. This new patch brings your English retail game to v2.28 and addresses gameplay issues, fixes single/multiplayer problems, quest issues and more ...

Get the Sacred: Underworld v2.28 English patch off WP (46mb)

Single Player Bugs:

  • Fixed: Disappearing Horse problem
  • Fixed: Hell Golem ignored char's resistances in higher levels (Platin/Niob)
  • Fixed: Overflow at high values on some Dwarf skills
  • Fixed: Problems occurring in high difficulty levels only (Niob/Platin):
    • Masterbite (Vampiress) will work as intended once again.
    • Conversion (Seraphim) will attain maximum effect now.
    • Back-breaker (Gladiator) will work as intended once again.
  • Fixed: Raane’s Set bonus +xx% to experience gained: the bonus was calculated incorrectly, resulting in an exceedingly high value being added to gained experience.
  • Fixed: Awaken Dead. Casting Awaking Dead on Glorb Hunters is no longer exploitable.
  • Fixed: Gold overflow. A maximum of 2,147,483,647 gold units may be collected.
  • Fixed: Corrected values of Polemides Helm Set (values corrected to +3 for bronze and +4 for silver).
  • Fixed: Inactive Water Form as set bonus of the Dark Elf Ethan Rhys Set. In an opponent’s line of sight, Water Form was cancelled; the same occurred when changing to fight mode. Water Form became visibly inactive and opponents would attack.
  • Fixed: Experience exploit in connection with Orla-Aisling's Set.
  • Fixed: Low-level Shaddar Rim riders (level 1) were adjusted.
  • Fixed: Sir Markus of Endlich will no longer rise again once he has been killed; instead, he will dissolve in a particle effect.
  • Fixed: 'Chance for open wounds' caused the player-character to substain loss
  • Fixed: Hell Golem didn't hit the player's char in higher diffficulties (Platin/Niob)
  • Fixed: Spell-values weren't calculated correctly when using daemon-forms (e.g. battle daemon) with other buffs (e.g. Infernal Power)
  • Fixed: + % damage-modifier like physical damage weren't affecting some Dwarfen combat arts (Flamer, Grenade, Cannon)
  • Some disarmed weapons did not have the correct character class limitations.
  • The Bonus Water Form of Ethan-Rhys’ Set did not work as intended (It interfered with other effects previously).
  • When quitting an in-game video by pressing space, the character will no longer drink a healing potion.
  • The fire will now move towards the character when Purgatory is cast while mounted and no longer requires enemy contact.
  • Open Wounds caused a chain reaction regarding damage.
  • Missing footstep sounds during some Dwarf animations have been added.
  • Sometimes Hard Hit was performed if you cast Mind Control while mounted.
  • Nuk-Nuk Chieftain caused no damage while mounted.
  • Occasionally occurring woman’s scream during Underworld intro was removed.
  • Fixed several quests:
    • Fixed rune exploit in connection with the quest The Eye of Hell.
    • Eliminated a possible rune exploit in connection with the side quest Paths of Destiny.
    • The side quest Whispers in the Wind is no longer repeatable, even if the goldberries appear repeatedly. A related exploit has been fixed.
    • The reward modification for the side quest The Leader has been significantly increased.
    • Once the side quest The Riddle in the Desert has been successfully completed, the fanfare will no longer sound when opening remaining vases.
    • The key that is received during the side quest The Riddle in the Desert will now display correctly in the inventory.
    • The side quest The Monster in the Forest has been balanced for mages. The golem in single player mode is no longer a boss enemy and should therefore no longer pose an insurmountable difficulty.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from finishing the side quest Cattle Rustlers.
    • Once the quests Goods Messenger and Ronin have been completed, the quest givers will no longer display quest icons above their heads.
    • The Elven priestess for the quest Elf Escort would disappear under certain circumstances, thus rendering players unable to solve the quest. This has been resolved.
    • In order to complete the quest The Robber’s Camp you must collect the tunic now.
    • The quest The Riddle in the Desert will fail now if you open a wrong vase.
    • The mage start quest at the stone circle could not be finished if the Ghoul was killed from outside the circle.
    • In the quest “The Hag in the Tree” the witch didn’t defend herself. Now she is a boss opponent.

Multiplayer Bugs:

  • Fixed: Experience distribution within parties in higher difficulty levels (Platin, Niob): When defeating champions, boss enemies or difficult enemies experience was occasionally not rewarded. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed: A security issue of the game server has been eliminated.
  • Fixed: A kill-count end fight is now possible in Valley of Tears.
  • Changed: Several error messages in connection with account creation were not clear. These messages have been changed in order to display a more precise description.
  • Disarmed weapons sometimes disappeared in Multiplayer mode after picking them up.
  • Wrong team effect of War Cry (doubled effect to caster, none to party members).
  • Healing party members with Reiki is now possible in LAN games.
  • Testosterone and Adrenaline were added repeatedly if players were in close proximity of the caster.
  • Missing Stoneskin animation of party members if the spell was cast by a battle mage has been added.
  • Casting Whirlwind on a party member did not affect the disarming function nor did it provide additional damage.
  • Four OpenNet menu bugs fixed:
    • Occasionally, wrong savegames were displayed.
    • A button displaying Load instead of Create has been corrected.
    • Clicking Back from the loading screen would reset the game type to Freegame.
    • When clicking Back from the loading screen of a preconfigured game server, the game settings would appear even though the game server’s configuration could no longer be changed.

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