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'Carnage' (PC/X360) - Game Details

by Rainier on Nov. 14, 2006 @ 1:04 p.m. PST

Carnage is an adrenaline fuelled driving and combat frenzy, a new global sport. In this Hugely Multiplayer Game (HMG) the world’s best combat drivers showcase their battle skills in vast arenas to earn fame and fortune by going the extra mile.

The world’s best combat drivers now showcase their skills in vast arenas to earn fame and fortune by going the extra mile. Can you match their expertise? Can you control the power at your feet, the weapons at your fingertips and survive the onslaught to beat the rest? To be the best takes skill, courage and survival instinct. You have your chance, your ride and now it’s up to you…

In the early decades of the millennium, extreme sports were becoming mainstream; men and women from all over the world pursued all manner of unconventional sports, fuelling their need for natural highs and seizing the chance to win fame and fortune. Ever evolving technology and manufacturing techniques facilitated the creation of vehicles and gadgets that allowed the fearless to cheat death in search of the ultimate rush.

With multinational corporations injecting millions of dollars to market these sports, huge syndicated events were common place, allowing the general public a chance to witness the feats of these new athletes.

However, there is always an underground, always an illicit form of entertainment. In this instance, street racers had created a new challenge, mixing street racing, gang culture and demolition derby style events in a single, gambling-fuelled sub culture where entire city areas would be sectioned off to run an event. Carnage was born; the rules were simple, eliminate the opposition, entertain the crowds, drive and win.

Crime Lords ran the early, bloody and violent events. Many participants were killed in the makeshift arenas as the black market weapons mounted to vehicles proved notoriously unreliable.

Carnage grew. Recordings made their way onto digital content channels. The organisers generated vast amounts of money and protected their gains from the authorities by only confirming events at the last minute. Carnage was making blood sports acceptable. And with the money came celebrity - drivers became heroes, some in it for the money, others in it for kicks. There was never a shortage of people willing to get behind the wheel and participate. The consequence for anyone caught by the authorities was extreme, a life sentence in prison and the likely risk of being silenced before sentence.

The situation was becoming untenable for governments. Finally a consortium of arms and vehicle manufacturers, spotting the opportunity for long term gain, lobbied authorities to legalise Carnage events. With many powerful advocates, laws were amended and Carnage was born as a global sport. With legalisation came regulation; purpose built arenas sprang up around the globe and television deals worth billions were signed - and the world watched……

DRIVE, COMPETE, FIGHT, your time is now…

Key Features:

  • Hugely multiplayer vehicle combat
  • Large interactive game arenas
  • Real-time dynamics and collision systems
  • “Death match” orientated gameplay
  • Individual or cooperative game modes
  • Managed tournament system
  • Customisable vehicles, armour, components & weapons
  • Persistent player statistics & global ranking reward system
  • Support for hundreds of thousands of players
  • Simple, addictive “dip-in-dip-out” gameplay for all levels

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