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Birth of America

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: ageod
Developer: ageod

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'Birth of America' - v1.10 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 15, 2006 @ 9:36 p.m. PST

In Birth of America you control one of the major contenders in French & Indian Wars, and the War of the American Independence, trying to achieve military and political victory.

Get the Birth of America v1.10 patch off WP (14mb)

Bugs Fixes

The bug fixes listed here have been done in BOA sub-versions 1.09b to 1.09g also. Version 1.10 has no bug fixes per se but only compiles all the previous updates.

- An Army requested to disembark could (rarely) causes a crash if the fleet was bombarding at the same time.
- Fixed artillery batteries (Coastal Art.) are now eligible for fort building.
- Passive Indians no longer pillage.
- The Wind Gauge Indicator appeared on frozen river battles.
- Fixed 2 bugs in the fleet bombardment routine.

User Interface

- Army names on the small army tabs are now displayed in 2 lines to allow longer names)
- If an army has at least one fixed unit, a small pulsating lock will be shown on the envelope icon (the icon showing if the army commander is activated of not)
- Reminder: the cauldron and pile of cannon balls icons have detailed tool tips on your supply consumption and current stock for each army.
- Turns which have an order file attached now show a bright red attachment icon in the turn list. If you play PBEM, you should check that you have this icon in front of both turn files (in the file list) before processing the new turn... In any case, a dialog box will warn you if the opponent's file is missing (thus reverting to AI handling its turn).
- A new icon discriminates between harbors under blockade and harbors with all exit points frozen.
- Leaders in a stack are now all sorted by descending seniority except in cases of mixed leader, i.e. a leader integrated directly in a company
- The Army panel now shows you the total power of your units. Reminder: this combat value is just an estimate of the overall strength of the units and is not used in combat.
- The number of naval units needed to blockade a region is now indicated in a tooltip.
- Some fonts have been changed.

AGE Settings

- AGE Settings, the utility provided in the main Birth of America folder now shows you your current serial key. You don't have to retype it if you only want to change your videos settings.
- Better support for Display Frequency tweak.

Game Play, Rules Additions and Changes

- Militia levies are now at the end of turn processing and not at start.
- Fleets transporting too many troops can still move but very slowly.

Loyalty Rule Overhauled:

- If a region is loyal to you, and has no enemy troops, the opponent will loose from 1 to 6 percents of Military Control each turn.
- If a region has a very high insurgent percentage, and has an enemy held city, there is a small chance that Rebel Minutemen may appear. In this case the city reverts to the American control.
- During each turn, each Rebel Minutemen unit is checked and can spontaneously disappear. If it does, there is 50% chance that one militia replacement is added to the American Pool.

- When a leader is wounded, the code will now check the nearest town first before checking more distant towns.

- By request from some players, the entire Supply code has been rechecked. Everything works as designed. People finding that there is too much supply around can tweak easily the amount generated by structures.

- Leaders which are bound to a district (Northerner, etc.) can now leave it, but will be far less able in their ratings. This will help the AI make a better usage of these units too.

Data Changes

- Reading and Lancaster regions have their terrain changed from Clear to Woods.
- Supply wagons can now only transport 15 supplies each and not 20 (except for the British wagons, they transports 16). American wagons are now slightly faster compared to British ones on the other hand.

Scenarios Additions and Changes

- Glover’s seniority has been reduced.
- The British side received a duplicate leader in 1778
- The siege abilities now apply at the army level not at the commander level. This means that the ability will be used even if the leader having it is not the stack commander.
- Some script problems with American privateers have been fixed.
- The script bug preventing Indians to use correctly Indians replacements has been fixed.
- Supply units tweaked (see above)
- New scenario: Great Lakes 1812, with all new graphics (units and leaders!)
- Rewritten 75' Campaign, with tweaks to the initial setup of forces, flavor names for most British Foots Rgts (thanks to Le Ricain for the data), and modifications to the reinforcements (less supply wagons). The Campaign is named (Alt) for Alternate as the Standard Campaign is still there.
- 76' Campaign re-exported to make use of the British flavor names.


- Improved how the AI responds if a small force, in a contested region with 2 big armies facing each other, can switch to offensive posture or not.
- Aggressiveness tweaking in several instances.

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