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'Carte Blanche' Goes Gold

by Rainier on Nov. 16, 2006 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

G2 Games announced that its new adventure title Carte Blanche, a unique adventure title influenced by the very best of Hollywood Film Noir movies, has gone gold. Enter the world of Edgar Delacroix, a private investigator, new to the big city and ready for some rather intriguing adventures.

Raised in a small town bourgeois family and recently graduated from college in humanities, Edgar Delacroix has yet to discover what the big city has in store for him. After a fortuitous entry in the world of private investigation, he has to deal with twisted and suspicious individuals, solve sinister mysteries and risk his life in rather unpleasant circumstances.

Montreal, 1924...

Both a financial and industrial metropolis, a center of vice and alcohol smuggling, Montreal in the twenties has all the assets to cater to the needs of criminals with any amount of imagination. The seamiest intrigues will be Edgar’s daily bread and cold sweat his squalid, bitter butter.

Using the 7th Art's visual language, Carte Blanche offers an experience akin to cinema, and especially its less advisable genre - the classical Hollywood Film Noir. Carte Blanche is also certainly the first video game to offer a cinemascope format and a deliberate choice of black and white.

Depending on the player’s actions, Edgar will gain specific proficiencies and items which will follow him from one episode to the other. As the episodes go by each character progress differently, developing in accordance with the player’s style, thus making each session unique. Can you do that in the Myst series? No? Well there you go!

Saving the world from the claws of abject individuals doesn't mean you can't have fun. In fact, it doesn't mean you can't have lots of fun! Although real life is at times crazy and absurd, Carte Blanche's universe brings these fields to new heights – more than the Eiffel tower, Himalayas and Shaquille O’Neil combined!

Since reality is often stranger than fiction, we give Carte Blanche to the player to reinterpret the Roaring Twenties in his own way, stomping on old cigarette butts as well as his childhood’s lost innocence in the process.


  • Picture Edgar Allan Poe meeting the Marx Brothers… ‘Nuf said.
  • Forget about advanced real-time pixel-shaders, say hello to Absurdus’ new cutting edge engine : the Vintage-o-Scope™
  • Now you won’t be only collecting items, you’ll also be picking up skills and competences, and all that without bashing thousands of identical goblins! The competences you choose to develop will determine the way the character will be able to solve problems.
  • Tired of trying your whole inventory on every clickable item in the room? Let our ergonomic interface design keep the hassle to minimum.
  • Sorry, but you won’t have to re-align constellations of precious gems to open your garage door. Nevertheless, you might very well have to find out why someone would try to pay his beer with a Byzantine icon!
  • I’m willing to bet my royalties you’ve never seen a secretary quite like Miss Jeannine…
  • This is no deserted island adventure where the only thing talking is some kind of exotic parrot. This is a city with people, and they talk! Like in the real life everyone’s talking about!
  • Some people like 1st person, other 3rd, but we’re not dogmatic. We prefer to choose what fits best for the occasion.
  • You’ve spent the whole game working on your “ventriloquy” competence and want to benefit from it in the sequels? Export him and import him back later!
  • You’re thinking of some cool feature you’d like to find in the game? We probably have it! Check it out for yourself!

Carte Blanche will be released across Europe on November 24th 2006.

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