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'Voyage Century' Offering Free Online Play

by Rainier on Nov. 17, 2006 @ 1:36 p.m. PST

Voyage Century is a 3D nautical MMORPG where every featured player is the captain of his/her own battleship. Sail around the world as a courageous explorer, a canny merchant or a mysterious pirate, spread your reputation by exploring the huge continents for treasures, fortunes and glory. IGG announced Voyage Century will be completely free to play, not only currently but for as long as the game in service.

In the game, players can enjoy all kinds of life experience that the 16th Century people have experienced-- sail on the great ocean, view splendid geographic scenes, appreciate various cultures, do successful business, upgrade their ship according to their wish and most excitingly, participate in all kinds of glorious sea battles from spectacular long-range artillery bombardment between fleet and fleet to close hand-to-hand fight among brave sailors.

“Even though Voyage Century will be free to play, we believe we can create an online gaming experience that rivals many pay-for-play game experiences,” states Director Kenny Chan, "Now, that the core game development is complete, we can continue to satisfy our current players and demonstrate to new players, just how impressive a free-to-play online game experience can be.”

Voyage Century, in pre-release development, is a ground-breaking massively multiplayer online nautical game. Featuring visually powerful, intense combat and adventure on land and sea, Voyage Century is a dream game for armchair captains everywhere. Trade, craft, wage war around the world, even search for buried treasure, Voyage Century offers just about everything imaginable from the 16th century seafaring era.

Features :

  • Sea Battle System: Display the grand scenes of sea battles; Cannon firing, colliding, grappling and close combat, etc
  • Guild System: Player birth place; Complete guild establishment, investment and facility; Amazing guild battles both on land and sea.
  • Interactive System: Diversified ways to form a group; All kinds of chatting platform; Complete trade system and booth system.
  • Pirate System: Independent camp; Absolute challenge to orderly player; Alternative, exciting and romantic life.
  • Adventure System: More than 1300 kinds of findings; Compose one’s own encyclopedia; Seek for treasures in the sea.
  • Treasure Map System: Collect pieces and patch up the treasure map; Seek for rare cultural heritage; Dig for supernatural ancient.
  • Trade System: More than 40 cities and 130 kinds of merchandise; Dynamic price fluctuating according to supply and demand; Profit doubles on popular goods.
  • Land Battle System: Many battle skills and stunts; Swords, guns, cold and hot weapons used together; Intelligent NPC, more exciting battle.
  • Living System: Diversified ways to collect (Mining, Logging, Farming, Fishing); Making all kinds of equipments and items.

Independently developed for a total of four years, Voyage Century can bring players a complete online game experience unlike anything else before!

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