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The PlayStation Network (PS3) Detailed

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2006 @ 2:51 a.m. PST

The PlayStation Network (PSN) allows every PS3 user to experience the built-in broadband connectivity capabilities assuring immediate access to the PSN with free services including network gaming, access to the PlayStation Store, web browsing, friend chat, and more.

Several PS3 software launch titles feature online-networked game play modes accessible through the PSN with no associated subscription fees. Online pricing models may be set at the discretion of individual software publishers. User responsible for all applicable internet fees. Some services or features may require additional fees.

When connecting to the PlayStation Network, PS3 users will create a globally unique Online ID and will link to other users via the Friends category on the PS3 system’s on-screen navigation system – the XMB (Xross Media Bar). This enables every PS3 user to keep track of and interact with other online friends via text messages as well as live voice and video chat. EyeToy USB camera and headset (both sold separately) are required for video chat. A list of PS3 users you recently played against can also be viewed at any time.

The PlayStation Network is the premier online gaming and digital distribution channel ready to access any content supported by PS3 system’s broad multi-media playback functionality. Downloadable content can be stored via PS3 system’s internal hard drive. Additionally, some content can also be downloaded and saved via optional memory storage devices such as Memory Stick Pro, SD card, and CompactFlash memory cards (depending on content-usage rights).

Utilizing the PlayStation Network, users can also access the PlayStation Store. This integrated and streamlined online storefront allows all PS3 users to browse and download available entertainment content, including free high-definition game videos and playable demos such as MotorStorm . Users will also be able to purchase full games exclusive to the PS3, such as Blast Factor , and other titles coming soon. Classic PlayStation (PS one ) software titles will be offered for purchase and will be playable via the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system (available November 2006). Through partnerships with top entertainment studios including Sony Pictures Entertainment, announcements regarding future downloadable content are forthcoming.

Standard for every PS3, users connected to the PlayStation Network will have access to the Internet and World Wide Web via the built-in PS3 internet browser. Built upon proprietary Sony software technology, the PS3 internet browser supports the most-popular internet multimedia formats (including Flash) and common web-browsing functions such as bookmarks and history. Up to six PS3 internet browser windows may be open simultaneously and are easily navigated through a streamlined interface. Straightforward parental controls ensure appropriate user access to the PS3 internet browser as well as other PlayStation Network content.


  • The PlayStation Network provides online access for PS3 users to connect their systems via existing broadband internet connections and enjoy online connectivity for games, friend lists, text and video chats, web browsing, and more
  • Downloadable content offered by the PlayStation Store allows PS3 users to add new content and features to existing games in addition to downloading brand-new exclusive PS3 titles and free demos
    Fans of classic PlayStation titles can download a library of greatest-hit favorites to their PS3 system and play by connecting their PSP (PlayStation Portable) system
  • Enjoy the latest high-definition game trailers and movie trailers by downloading from the PlayStation Store and storing on the PS3 hard drive or optional memory storage devices such as MemoryStick Pro, SD card, and CompactFlash memory cards (depending on content-usage rights)
  • Surf the World Wide Web from the comfort of your living room in Full HD, HDMI cable and a 1080p native display with an HDMI input supporting HDCP required, with the PS3 internet browser, supporting the latest multimedia formats including Flash
  • Ensure appropriate online usage for the whole family with PS3system’s built-in parental controls

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