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Far Cry

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Crytek

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'Far Cry' - SDK v1.4 Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 21, 2006 @ 9:06 a.m. PST

Get the Far Cry v1.4 SDK off WP (32mb)

The CryENGINE MOD SDK for Far Cry is unsupported by Crytek and Ubisoft, and the usage of the CryENGINE MOD SDK for Far Cry is at your own risk.

Help could be available at

Please investigate the user communities available through links at

The basic tools you need to make a MOD are the CryENGINE Sandbox Editor, scripts and model exporters. Game scripts have been released in source format and Far Cry levels are available in source format as well, all on the original Far Cry DVD/CDROM. The LuaCompiler.exe tool included in the bin32 folder is used by the editor to verify scripts for syntax errors during real-time editing, it is not supposed to be used as a standalone compiler to produce precompiled lua scripts.

Starting from this version, C++ Game source code has been released as well. New incremental updates to the C++ modules may be released in the future on

Within the CryENGINE MOD SDK for Far Cry, you will find documentation, samples, exporters, plugins, source assets, c++ source code, and other useful things to learn how to create any kind of MOD or TC. Please read the basic Far Cry Mods Guide "FCMG.doc" in the docs folder and visit the official CryENGINE Modding Portal

In addition to Crytek exporters, the source code for both static and animated models format is included in the SDK; we encourage you to use it to write exporters/converters for your favourite free modeling/animation package. The document "Using the Crytek Exporter plugin for 3DMax.pdf" contains a detailed description of Crytek's file format.

Additional Max/Maya information may be found at: and


Source Code:

* Updated source code for CryGame.DLL to match 1.4 status


* Included How to use the built in Internet simulator.pdf
* Included Tools to tweak FarCry MP.pdf
* Included Far Cry Joypad Functionality Manual.pdf
* Updated GameSource-Readme.pdf
* Updated Far Cry Engine Overview.pdf


Source Code:

* Included source code for CryGame.DLL


* Included GameSource-Readme.pdf
* Included Far Cry Engine Overview.pdf
* Included Compiling Your CryGame for Linux.pdf
* Included FCFAQ_SwoopAEon_v219.pdf
* Minor changes in PolyBumpPlugin Product.pdf
* Minor changes in Maya PolyBumpPlugin Product.pdf


* Moved all documents into the Docs folder



* updated physical properties.pdf
* updated AI Manual.pdf
* included ScriptObjectSystem.pdf
* included ScriptObjectGame.pdf
* converted all documents to pdf files


* fixed Maya5 Polybump plugin (evaluation mode was still on)
* fixed Maya5/6 Exporter problem (no physicalisation on static objects after exporting)
* fixed not working antialising in Maya5 Polybump plugin
* included Maya6 Polybump plugin
* included Maya6 CryExporter

Major issues that will be adressed in the next SDK release:
1. export of animated objects (.cga-files)
2. support for all playable character features
3. removing obselete parts of the exporter
4. Maya example files

3ds max:

* included Max6 Polybump plugin
* included Max6 CryExporter

Maya is trademark of Alias Systems Corp.
3ds max is trademark of Autodesk Inc.

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