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Future Force Company Commander

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: US Army
Developer: Zombie

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'Future Force Company Commander' - Full Game Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 27, 2006 @ 6:02 a.m. PST

Future Force Company Commander (F2C2) is a real-time tactical strategy game that allows you to learn about the Army’s Future Combat Systems program by giving you command of a Mounted Company Team in the year 2015.

Get the Future Force Company Commander Game off WP (670mb)

Future Combat Systems (FCS) will transform the U.S. Army's Current Force to a more lethal, agile Future Force to achieve battlespace dominance. The F2C2 video game demonstrates the FCS wireless network-centric operating system that seamlessly links advanced communications and networking systems with soldiers, platforms, weapons, and sensors.

You’ll experience an exciting range of real-time missions while equipped with the full spectrum of FCS capabilities. F2C2 shows the sophisticated sensors linked among the 18 different FCS systems, and how the FCS network quickly disperses tactical intelligence enabling soldiers to pre-empt enemy attacks and mount offensive assaults.

F2C2’s battle command interface enhances your planning and decision-making skills by giving you automated planning tools, real-time situational awareness, ISR and fire support planning tools, and more.

Missions :

  • GENERAL SITUATION: Sabalan has actively worked to destabilize the government of Dalilar, a U.S. ally, with an intermediate goal of installing a sympathetic government and an ultimate goal of annexation...
  • MISSION: RAID: Find and destroy a suspected Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL) battery that could threaten the airhead and shut down deployment...
  • MISSION: CLEARING OPERATION: Company Team continues night operations as possible in support of neighboring brigade’s operation. Team will clear a 30 x 10 km area of insurgents that are in hiding...
  • MISSION: ESTABLISH SCREEN: Company Team reorients and tactically moves to establish screen line; expect resistance...
  • MISSION: DEFEND IN SECTOR: Prevent the enemy from disrupting deployment into forward airfields. Fight a defense in depth; maintain cohesion with flank units to preclude penetration along seams...

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