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Dominions 3: The Awakening

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Shrapnel Games
Developer: Illwinter Game Design

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'Dominions 3: The Awakening' v3.01 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 3, 2006 @ 9:25 a.m. PST

Dominions 3: The Awakening is the newly released fantasy-strategy game of domination, in this world and the next. Up to twenty-one players, either human or AI, wage war to establish the one true god in an epic turn-based 4X struggle. Featuring over fifty nations to play, three different ages (with each age having a different effect on gameplay), and literally hundreds upon hundreds of creatures, spells, and items to command, Dominions 3 is a massive entertainment buffet of never-ending portions.

Get the Dominions 3: The Awakening v3.01 Patch demo off WP (2mb)

Dominions 3: The Awakening, developed by Illwinter Games and published by Shrapnel Games, is a multi-OS (supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux) turn-based strategy game set in a world of epic struggle between men, monsters, and gods. This isn't a game erely about conquering stone keeps and collecting golden booty; no, in Dominions 3 true victory comes not from shiny baubles and real estate, but true godhood!

Bug Fixes, Tweaks, Enhancements:

  • Great Lion size 3.
  • Atlantian spearmen correct age and darkvision.
  • Shark knight have correct resource cost
  • Doom horrors less common.
  • Indep lizard warriors base prot ->3
  • Curse of stones affects only enemies in accordance with the manual
  • Wands no longer gives Chest Wounds
  • Sharpest tooth has correct stats
  • Nagini seduction fix
  • Polypal mother no longer ethereal
  • Event gives city and not motte-and-bailey
  • Mesmerize confuses/enrages target instead of enslaving
  • Triton recruitable in coastal kappa province fixed
  • Blessing can affect sacred undead.
  • All era gians gets longdead giants and soulless with reanimation and similar spells.
  • All era caelum soulless fix
  • All era ctis undead fix
  • Eater of the dead fix
  • Darkvision fixed
  • Some nation description fixes
  • Tungalik dagger -> quarterstaff
  • No uw conscription for tien chi
  • Mod commands for sites: #gold, #res
  • Mod command: #ressize
  • Building of cave castle no longer produces simple hillfort
  • #castledef, #maxage, #startage, #older mod commands work properly
  • #owner fixed. Limit 25 removed
  • Weapon modding #cold, #fire, #shock, #secondaryeffect, #secondaryeffectallways didn't work properly
  • New weapon mod command: #poison
  • Lava warrior also had prec and enc swapped
  • Polypal Mother and some more are now female.
  • Nethgul no longer tries to kill his wielder.
  • More visible up/down arrow for scrolling commanders.
  • Fixed bug with cheat detection and alchemist's stone.
  • God epitet's could be cut off, fixed.
  • Ardmon's Soul Trap didn't work as advertised.
  • Tempest would crash the game if used in meele.
  • Possible to enter site ou ydon't own, fixed.
  • Max possible Dominion victory value increased.
  • S?s and Kirke and Kurgi have correct name.
  • Alcastor has correct priest lvl.
  • No more free kappas in UW fortresses
  • Watcher darkvision -> 100
  • Hog knight is now mounted.
  • Atlantis hero size -> 4
  • Flame corpse construction works now.
  • Azure mages are amphibious
  • Leviathan only castable under water
  • No longer possible to recruit city of tombs units if you're not ctis
  • Helhirding only recruitable from site (and double display removed)
  • Dwarven smith only recruitable from site (and double display removed)
  • Stargazer no feet
  • Burning one had prec and enc switched
  • Bitch queen crone shape has nature 1
  • Ram's Head got prot 2
  • Tribe warriors increased to 10 gold
  • Jaguar tribe slinger hide shield
  • Druids had low stats and age - stats increased a bit
  • Map editor fixes.
  • GUI performance improvments.
  • Improved spell modding.
  • New mod commands #uwfort, #deepfort.
  • Modding manual updated.
  • Map edit manual updated.
  • Guru gets rid of all afflictions when he gets a new body.
  • Message for guru reincarnation into new body.
  • Lure of the deep was castable over water, fixed.
  • Modding command #nratt didn't work.
  • When Charcoal Shield is replaced by the Champion's Trident, Fire Shield effect isn't removed. Fixed.
  • 't' screen got top right exit button as well.
  • On the F1 Nation Overview screen, clicking on a province name with a province number higher than 1000, causes a magic site description to be displayed, fixed.
  • The Mummification spell available from Amon Hotep shows as no description available, fixed.
  • Windows alt-tab improvements.
  • Knights only attack in mid or late age
  • 60 gold event -> 100 gold
  • Merman scout cost -> 25
  • Utg? cold preference -> +1
  • Daidalos got hammer
  • 10+ new gold generating events.
  • Horror Seed spell could lock up the game.
  • Correct game name in credits.
  • No more snowfall events under water.
  • Gateway fixed.
  • VP crowns disappeared at edges, fixed.
  • More than 1 VP / province wasn't displayed properly, fixed.
  • Glamour ability doesn't give mirror images to PD units or leaders at the start of combat, fixed.
  • If you use a 5 digit port for hosting a game the port number is not saved correctly, fixed.
  • Starting a new game with a random map but with same name as last game resulted in a bad map, fixed.

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