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'Novadrome' (X360) - 5 New Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 9, 2006 @ 2:14 a.m. PST

NovaDrome resurfaces as Buena Vista Games announced that Carmageddon developer Stainless Games' vehicle combat racing game will be making an appearance on Xbox Live Arcade, and no longer be a multiplatform title as initially announced.

Novadrome puts gamers behind the wheel of an armed, buggy-style vehicle to face off in gladiatorial combat on a distant planet. With three single-player options and a frantic multiplayer mode, the game will be available for download worldwide this Holiday.

“Immensely fun to play, easily available and affordable, Novadrome captures what gamers are looking for in an Xbox Live Arcade title,” said Michael Ryder, senior vice president of global production, Buena Vista Games. “Offline, players can battle enemies or explore sprawling arenas filled with obstacles and power-ups. After learning the basics, they can then vie for ultimate bragging rights by engaging friends and other Xbox Live Arcade combatants through the highly customizable online multiplayer mode.”

“We took our renowned experience of making intense vehicle combat games and put it into an extremely addictive game -- Novadrome,” said Patrick Buckland, managing director of Stainless Games Ltd. “Novadrome will have Xbox Live Arcade gamers speeding around large sci-fi environments in an effort to destroy enemy vehicles.”


  • 24 unique vehicles from which to choose
  • 15 arenas of continuous, furious action
  • Includes car-mounted beam, particle and physics weapons
  • Play for bragging rights – Top the leaderboards to become the ultimate champion
  • Multiple gameplay modes and event types to choose from – featuring Career, Arcade, Free Play and Multiplayer Modes
  • Challenge your captors – Obliterate your alien abductors in action-packed boss encounters

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