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'Bust-A-Move Revolution' (Wii) Now Known As 'Bust-A-Move Bash!'

by Rainier on Nov. 9, 2006 @ 9:12 a.m. PST

Majesco announced that it has renamed Bust-A-Move Revolution into its official name, Bust-A-Move Bash!, and revealed game details for its first Wii puzzle title.

"The addictive bubble-bursting mayhem characteristic of the series reaches an entirely new level when designed especially for the innovative Wii Remote," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing. "Add the ability to have 8 people playing simultaneously and the mania is practically unlimited ... not to mention exhilarating."

Bust-A-Move Bash! features 10 different characters, including franchise favorites Bub and Bob as well as many new additions. Players will experience a variety of game modes including:

  • Puzzle Mode -- offers 500 levels across five different puzzle areas;
  • Endless Mode -- a challenging test of bubble-bursting skill and endurance;
  • Vs. Mode -- allows up to 8 players to go head-to-head simultaneously;
  • Shooting Mode -- an all-new mode where bubbles come at players from all angles. To handle the non-stop assault, players can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller together.

In addition, a new Hyper option speeds up game play while the Slip feature allows players to connect fired bubbles to similar colors even though their aim may be off.

Developed by Happy Happenings and licensed from Taito, Bust-A-Move Bash! joins Cooking Mama: Cook Off as one of Majesco's premier titles for the Wii.

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