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'NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 ' - v3.0.2 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 9, 2006 @ 7:49 p.m. PST

NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 offers players an unrivalled hockey management experience, with a brand new game engine to bring the player even closer to the action during each nail-biting game. This v3.0.2 patch fixes various crashes, UI tweaks, and a bunch of data, contract, competition and other issues.

Get the NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 v3.0.2 patch off WP (25mb)


- Fixed human being unable to change U20 side's roster coming upto the WJC-U20 ( need to start a new game )
- Salary cap is now configurable via the config file transfer_rules_config.cfg, in the database folder. Set to values to 0 or remove the entry to remove the cap for competition entirely. Caps cannot be added to leagues that do not already have them.
- AHL training camps no longer clash with NHL training camps
- Taking a job in a different league now sets the detail level correctly for that league.
- Fixed board expecations not being set up properly when a human moves teams
- Added preferences option which stops human managers being sacked
- Team colours can be changed via extra_config.cfg - see the top of the file for details
- Fixed the wrong number of teams being entered into the CHL import draft
- Made teams less likely to skip there 2nd round pick in the CHL import draft unless it gives them too many imports.
- Allowed match controls (speed/highlights etc) to be changed in network games.


- Fixed a crash continuing from Nov 21st to Nov 22nd
- Fixed crash going to see-also menu with teams in "A minor league"
- Fixed potential crash on November the 14th, if the game has been saved/re-loaded between certain days.
- Fixed a problem with player rights that could cause the game to crash on apparently random dates
- Fixed a crash trying to get injury information for a non-player
- Fixed a crash related to a nonplayer joining a nation as manager when they already have a contract as an assistant manager/coach. with another nation
- Fixed a crash when a human offers to sign a non-player to a national team and then resigns just before the deal completes
- Tweaked board confidence changes after a game.

User Interface

- Fixed problems continuing the game when there was a modal screen in the history
- Retiring as GM shouldn't continue the game
- Colour clash fixes, improved readability of text on menubar and match screens where colours were similar
- Fixed being able to set the second nationality of a new GM as the same as the first nationality (and vice versa)
- Fixed award custom images
- Fixed sorting of GAA and Save% on hall of fame screen
- Clicking "Unread All" on the news screen should redraw the screen
- Fixed display issues on transfer screen for players who had requested to be transferred
- Can now untick "Ignore Exhibitions" in the team comparison screen
- Can now deselect divisions in the group menu on the league standings screen
- Fixed job title text being cut off on team screen personnel list
- Fixed progress bar displaying invalid scores when a game was abandoned
- Memorial Cup should use the same position button colour for all teams
- Fixed alignment issues on the bans section of the player profile
- Fixed alignment issues on shootout choices screen
- Cannot set invalid squad status for staff from the club screen contract management view
- Moved Pull Goalie button away from the Confirm button on tactics screen to prevent accidental clicks
- Removed border from player pics on the front office screen that were too big.
- Using the quick flicks on the Team screen Personnel section now remembers the original view when moving between clubs
- Fixed overlapping buttons on the competiton screen for the British Cups
- on the league information screen for Continental Competitions the correct division each team comes from is now displayed.
- Schedule calendar view, fixed that shootout scorers where listed in the match scorers and the extra goal is now added on for an OT win.
- When configuraing a custom tournament you can now no longer set lose points to be greater than or equal to win points. Also 2 points can be given for an OT win.
- Add Manager Screen, if set to perform Fantasy draft in a league other than that which the game start date was set for the Nation/ League menus would display the text for the league the date was selected instead of the league the fantasy draft is taking place in.
- Add Manager screen nav arrows now work when first time in Fantasy Draft mode
- Start Uneployed option completed removed in Fantasy Draft mode ( was just disabled before, but caused some confusion )
- Oldest / Youngest Player on the Team Information screen was sometimes displaying incorrect values for how many days the player had been that age for.
- overall standings league table view, PK % was slightly being cut-off
- Fixed league information screen possibly showing incorrect details about Friendly tournament
- The quick link item for Roster now does not change colour moving between different screens.
- Fixed pressing cancel on search filers on the draft screen still applied the filters.
- Fixed minor alignment issue with jobs panel on the front office screen
- Fixed overlapping text in the match screen when two humans are playing matches simultaneosly in a network game.
- Shortlist button on Front Office screen now goes to shortlist instead of player search
- Fixed getting into Pause/Resume loop at the end of the game if accessing tactics after game ended
- Detail level screen did not remember changes to the preset settings for Continental games
- Fixed salary sorting on the Waiver wire screen
- On player & Staff search there were two options called Export, one of them should have been Delete and is now re-named.
- Fixed problem where some President's Tophy winners wouldn't be displayed on the team history screen
- Added affiliates links to Front Office screen
- Training screen now has multi-select to change player schedules en masse.
- training screen remembers which attributes were being shown for each schedule type
- Training screen shows the number of players on each schedule in the Schedule menu.
- Fixed when selecting Canada on the select leagues screen then changing to it to Standard, Canada remained in the start date options dropdown.
- Fixed goalies being included in skater stats on the home screen
- When an exhibition tour has the maximum games (10), then all other dates are marked as unavailable
- Fixed player bio problem where a player's best season was noted as an award winning year when it wasn't
- Fixed incorrect alignment of delete button on shortlist
- Invite (for exhibition)/Scout Team/Apply for Job now available via right click
- Qualifying offer text on contract offer screen is linkable and now sets the offer to that value
- Added extra info display to the 2D screen to make note of the last goal scorer and assists as well as the last penalty called
- Moved the play-by-play commentary bar right below the rink to make it more readable while watching games
- Made the 2D action automatically pause/resume while accessing dropdown menu's while watching games to allow better menu access
- In the league histories for youngest and oldest players there was a display issue with the players age which made the list look unsorted.
- Removed 0-4 Forecheck/Neutral Zone Defensive options for for 3v5 units
- Fixed incorrect clear dates being displayed on the waiver wire screen
- Standings panel showed the Eastern conference for Western conference teams in the QMJHL
- Fixed +/- display issue in the Hot or Not panel in Team Report
- Fixed refresh rate being set to 60Hz when alt-tabbing while in fullscreen mode (Windows)
- Offer to All added to person actions
- Modal screens now handle keypress actions (escape for cancel action, return for confirm action)
- Quickflicks and see also button now have a tooltip
- League list dropdown on Fantasy Draft options screen is now sorted alphabetically
- Training screen can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut and is by default assigned to F10
- Fixed the amount of years a contract is offered for being reset when going back an altering an offer already made
- Fixed the game freezing while pressing the keyboard shortcut for the news screen whilst on the news screen
- Fixed progress bar displaying team names the wrong way round with North American score display on
- Stopped an extra goal being added to the overall winning teams score in a 2nd leg match if the result was decided by a shootout on the compeition Stages & Schedule screens
- Fixed player bio string saying "Canada passport" etc when it should have been "Canadian passport"
- Fixed filtered attribute columns not showing up when viewing filtered staff attributes in Staff Search.
- Fixed problem getting stuck on the date select dialog and bnot being able to change the date
- Fixed going to "Change Trade Offer" when the AI was about to negotiate the bid showing the negotiated bid rather than the original one.
- Added alternative view to the Waiver Wire screen to show some additional information
- Fixed Front Office Suspended Players panel from always saying players were banned for 1 game
- Enabled confirmation dialog when loan or trial cancelled, that tells you when the player is due to return/leave
- Stopped from being able to complain about the referee more than once per match
- Fixed a problem with the League table for AAL-4 where shootout losses were not being displayed.
- Stopped being able to negotiate a trade when a player is locked, meaing your player gets trade for nothing.


- Stage names for some all star games were appended with "Final". Not necessary.
- Tweaked scheduling for European club competitions
- Ensured Continental Competitions use the correct game rules.
- European Super Cup first year entered team changes
- olympic Final Qualification Tournament uses the correct game rules
- Updates some teams and dates of matches for the Euro Ice Hockey Challange - fixes some date clashes with European league fixtures
- Friendly tournaments are now played at the organising teams Arena, not Unknown Arena
- Ensured friendly tournaments use the rules specificed by the user.
- Fixed the hosts of the Olympic Hockey Tournament in 2010 sometimes being USA instead of Canada
- Fixed player stats tracking problem which caused non-rookies to be considered rookies (fixes both new games and saved games)
- Fixed no points being given for Shoot-out wins and losses in the Central Hockey league
- Removed the relegation stage from Danish league (applies to new games and ongoing saves, except for current season if stage already in process)
- Fixed development players rule for Central Hockey League
- Memorial Cup hosts are now stored in the competition history
- UK Elite Cup uses touch-up icing
- Fixed DEL all stars team having German players picked
- Fixed rookie players being deemed as rookies for 1 season longer than they should
- Fixed home ice advantage in DEL playoffs
- SWedish league playoffs now using automatic icing
- Fixed rare problem where the same team could be entered into two groups of the Euro Challenge Tour
- Playoff games in Finland are now played alternating Home & Away
- Fixed home ice advantage in Finnish National playoffs
- Fixed playoff seedings in Finnish First
- UK EPL Cup final is now a two-legged game.
- Fixed rookie rules for amateur players in some of the smaller european leagues
- Fixed wrong game order in ECHL south playoffs
- Fixed DEL win being processed as a Cup win not a league win.
- Fixed incorrect team sometimes being given the bronze medal in the Russian league
- Added re-entry waivers exclusion rule for veteran NHL players
- Fixed team relegated from the Russian Superleague not having the correct division (East or west) set
- Euro Challange Tour prize money added
- Fixed staff records getting added twice for making the NHL Playoffs when the team won the Presidents Trophy
- All CHL leagues now use Automatic icing

Transfer/Trade AI

- Fixed trading of the rights to unattached prospects currently on trial
- Fixed returning from loan to the right team after being traded whilst being loaned out from a farm affiliate
- Tuned more native players to attend training camps as walk-ins where possible
- Fixed major junior signing issue of european imports with no club
- AI teams will consider buying players who are currently banned, unless than ban is long term
- Disabled trading during/before fantasy draft so humans cannot cheat
- Improved AI managers in signing their top draft picks

Roster Management

- Russian player releases tweak, should not release players while shortlisting at the cap check, because they need to supply the second teams with players
- Removing a player from IR updates virtual players on roster
- Asking coach for lines during the game repeatedly without clearing them first will no longer mess up the lines
- Improved AI team's handling of signing their prospects to entry level deals
- Enforced the affiliation skater/goalie limits
- Improved AI for taking on loan players in the minor leagues
- Improved AI cap management
- Players no longer get placed on IR automatically when a longer injury occurs in a game coached by the head coach for the human managed team
- Fixed squad numbers being stolen by new arrivals where his preffered squad number is already in use at the team he is joining.
- Assistant GM will no longer make players available unless really forced to do so, if user has set GM options for assistant to keep player status'


- Finetuned NHL entry level contract demands
- Fixed counting of accrued NHL seasons to not count on-going season when determining free agency status
- Fixed contract extensions so that the last year of the existing contract is not re-negotiable in any case as per CBA
- Fixed an issue with some AI team non-playing staff not being on proper contracts
- Fixed issue of occasional maxed out wages for non-star players on AI teams
- Changed Central Hockey League default contract end date to end of June
- Stopped "Wants new contract" when it's illegal(CBA) to be offered one, and tuned this when we've just qualified for the playoffs
- Loan contracts now count towards the cap in the Russian League
- Increased the interest of young players to sign NHL contracts even when not considered a hot prospect
- Made sure players are removed from the waiver list when their contract expires.


- Fixed printing player statistics the heading label said "Team" for National sides and vice-versa.- Fixed an error message printing team stats before a new season begins


- Fixed Fantasy Drafted players being added back into the draft pool, and the team who originally picked him not actually getting him
- Improved game created draft pool material
- Tweaked CHL Import draft availability and player interest


- Finetuned board cap control in non-NHL leagues


- Fixed a missing hyperlink in trade news, for the player whom the rejected team did not like
- Tweaks to training camp report news to single out a player for praise
- Fixed prize money news not being sent out
- Fixed when a player rejects a offer of a try-out the news item mentions that the reason is because scouts from the team that offered the try-out were watching him.
- Disabled response button on status clarification news item if the player had already moved teams after the request for status update
- Tweaked trade rumors (toned down the number of these created)
- Fixed player form news coming up outside of the season
- Trade rumour news item doesn't mention trading draft picks if the league doesn't use a draft.
- Ensured news gets to sent to humans about jobs they applied for but were unsuccessful in getting.
- Fixed "cannot continue" bug related to a waiver pickup / seeks assurances news
- UI improvements for trading: news items can now have multiple responses, and we can accept or reject trades without having to visit the trade screen
- Fixed news item stating number of Cup wins being one less than the actual figure
- Removed hyperlink from Fans Player of the Year news item, as history is not kept for this award.
- Fixed Prospect update news item speaking about goalies as "first line" players etc.
- Prospect update news still gets sent when human is on holiday


- Fog of war should be visible for free agents who were last playing in manager's nation
- Disabled manager speculation news for the first few days of a new game
- NEW_AFFILIATION and AFFILIATION_CHANGE config commands now support setting affiliation mode and maximum skater and goalie counts
- Fixed _ in team name in the score upload
- Tweaked morale for teams in the playoffs
- Re-working file/folder locations etc for Windows Vista support (user documents directory now checked for data files)
- Reduced fog of war for players offered to a team by an agent
- colourblind skin improvments
- Fixed numbers being retired when players are still playing



- Fixed problem with Georgian language having no nation set.
- Made sure playrs like Jagr can speak English, and Quebec based players can speak French and English
- Fixed issues from the Data Forums - as many issues reported fixed as possible, particularly large Fin/Swe/Den threads
- OHL database brought up to scratch
- Updated rosters and data across all leagues
- New NHLers who have made their debuts in the 2006/07 season are added to NHL rosters (eg Kessel, Staal, Radulov etc)
- Removed duplicate officials
- Removed 'DELETE' staff
- Added missing NHL records


- Canadian Humanitarian of the year award was incorrectly associated with the OHL, now moved to Memorial Cup to encompass the entire CHL.
- vezina trophy now has a higher lower games played limit for eligibility
- Ensured that players who don't play many games don't win player of the season awards
- Russian Superleague MVP can't be a goalie


- Italian language added

2D Engine

- Tweaked player AI on dumping the puck in too eagerly
- Enforced no-change rule after icings
- Improved goalie AI to respect the no-go zone behind the goalline
- Improved linechanging AI
- Improved coaching AI when picking special teams
- Fixed puck getting stuck to netting too often
- Tweaked suspension frequency for players sent out to fight on purpose but not targeting specific players (ie. headhunting)
- Tweaked scoring levels
- Tweaked tracking of assists
- Tweaked penalty tracking
- Improved defensive AI
- Fixed possible issues with shootout takers in human games~
- Tweaked highlight modes
- Fixed first shootout attempt not showing fully in highlights
- Fixed aggregate scores being doubled at the end of a shootout in the final leg
- Improved powerplay AI
- Tuned shorthanded scoring, ratings and fights in major juniors
- Fixed goalie stats sometimes not displaying for a goalie who came on for another mid game.
- Tweaked coach AI to consider injuries, ejections and benchings when asking coach for lines during a game

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