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Evochron Alliance

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: StarWraith 3D Games LLC
Developer: StarWraith 3D Games LLC

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'Evochron Alliance' - v2.088 Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 1, 2006 @ 10:10 a.m. PST

Evochron Alliance is the sequel to Evochron, which introduced space-sim fans to a diverse universe of interactive real-time sc-fi gameplay with several new and unique elements. Set in a newly colonized area of space, Evochron Alliance continues where the original left off and adds a single player campaign involving an elusive alien race known as the Vonari. As a freelance mercenary, you will soon be called upon to protect the Alliance territories and confront the Vonari where they live.

Get the Evochon Alliance v2.088 demo off WP (25mb)

Evochron Alliance 2.0 is now available! This is a major update to the game that includes a lot of new features and gameplay options. Directional shield arrays, support for TrackIR, new physics, a 3D cockpit, and new control options are just some of the improvements. Based on player requests and feedback, the graphics have been updated substantially to include new effects, logos, textures, and menus. These improvements have been designed to enhance the look and feel of the game with a minimal increase in system requirements. So most players should not encounter any performance changes, although some low end systems may see a slight framerate drop due to the higher resource needs of this new version. The game has been updated to support Windows Vista (while remaining compatible with earlier versions of Windows) and has received several other updates requested by players. Best of all, this update is FREE to players who purchased the original game through this website. To update the game, simply download and run the installer.

Version 2.008 is ready for download and includes the following improvements:

- Windows Vista support added.
- Full 3D cockpit added (all gauges, indicators, and displays are now rendered in 3D instead of 2D text and sprites).
- Support for the NaturalPoint TrackIR 3D view control system added.
- Directional shields added with augment control.
- Padlock view option added.
- Graphics enhanced greatly to improve various special effects, textures, models, logos, and menus.
- Skill rating, scoring, and level system updated to better balance values between kills, contracts, upgrades, and cash.
- Eject option added.
- Physics system changed to match Arvoch Conflict's hybrid system by player request.
- Sensor range in thick nebula clouds for ships increased to 1200.
- Sensor range for wormholes and hidden containers increased to 2000.
- Support for secondary control devices added.
- Support for force feedback expanded for other formats.
- Inventory console sometimes has layered text issue during campaign contracts, fixed.
- Support for importing custom music added.
- Support for importing custom primary weapon sound effects added.
- Certain custom system exploits corrected.

The installer also works as a patch to upgrade older versions of the game. Version 2.0 is designed to update older 1.X versions of the game. Any version from 1.728 up through 1.888 should update correctly, although you will need to remap your controls and adjust settings as desired due to the many new options available. Pilot profiles, custom systems, registration status, and some aspects of custom Heads-Up-Displays should work with the new version. If the game prompts you to enter a key for any reason, simply use your original version 1.X key to convert the demo into the full game.

The new force feedback system allows you to 'force' the option even if the game doesn't detect it by default (such as what may happen on certain Logitech controllers using the IForce2 instruction set). To enable force feedback regardless of what is detected on the system, simply create a text file in the game's directory with the name FFENABLE.TXT, type the word ENABLE in the first line, then save the file. Next time you launch the game, force feedback will be activated.

Here are the filenames to use to customize the music (use a directory named sounds in the game's main directory, then use the filenames below to replace the built-in versions):

evmenumusic.wav = Main menu music
evoambient.wav = In-game music

For custom primary weapon sound effects, use the filenames GUNX.WAV where X is the number of the weapon type you want to replace starting with 1 for the Banshee cannon. Use the same sounds directory for these audio files as well.

If you are upgrading from version 1.X, make sure to load every pilot profile, start the freeform mode, then immediately save (you can use Alt-Q for quick save). This will automatically update your profiles for the 2.0 file format.

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