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Pacific Storm

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Buka / CDV
Developer: Lesta Studio

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'Pacific Storm' - v1.3 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 11, 2006 @ 6:01 p.m. PST

On December 7, 1941, a major part of the U.S. Pacific navy stationed at Pearl Harbor was assaulted by Japanese planes. Japanese fighters were destroying American aircraft on land and in the air, without giving them a chance for a counterattack.The furious battle of Pearl Harbor became the first in the sequence of gory sea combats.Now you can take part in all major Pacific battles of the World War II in the Pacific Storm game that is a mixture of RTS, war-game and simulator. All major and important sea battles of World War II, which took place in the Pacific Ocean, are included and you can play either for the USA or Japan.Mine the resources (money, iron and nickel ore, bauxites and oil), train various units and retaliate! Sink'em all!

Get the Pacific Storm v1.3 Patch off WP (9mb)

Pacific Storm v1.2 -> v1.3 patch

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed bug with AI heavy bombers that appeared to be launched from catapults and aircraft carriers on tactics;
2. Fixed bug with no factory to be available for construction in Batavia, while there were resources;
3. Fixed bug with aircrafts sometimes remaining in the air after being destroyed;
4. AI can succesfully fire rockets now;
5. Fixed B-29 heavy bomber #24 rack that caused CTD, while dropping the bombs;
6. Fixed CTD with USB joysticks when airplane under control of the player is destroyed;
7. Fixed CTD with USB joysticks when airplane under control of the player hits water;
8. Fixed gliding bombs and Okha attack;
9. Reduced heavy bombers bomb accuracy in tactical mode;
10. Limited torpedo fire range to 7-8 km for Japan and 4-5 km for the US;
11. Fixed Japanese biological bomb;
12. Fixed memory leak causing CTDs while joining formations on the base;
13. Fixed disappearing landing zone for hydroplanes;
14. Fixed CTD, while adding AI units to multiplayer game;
15. Some minor fixes of in-game texts.

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