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'Thrones of Chaos' Being Sold Off Again ?

by Rainier on Dec. 15, 2006 @ 11:35 a.m. PST

Thrones of Chaos is an MMORPG set in turbulent medieval times focusing on PvP strife and territorial conquest. Originally scheduled for Feb 2005, renamed from Realms of Torment, Mourning, to Age of Mourning, halted, cancelled, resold, renamed, and according to this Loud Ant Software update, it is being acquired by yet another company. Seriously!

Imagine for a moment, a vast online world! A beautiful , war ravaged , Medieval realm encompassed in danger , fortunes and political turmoil! An untamed world of unending strife where four distinct Empires are locked in a Millennia long struggle for dominance over the lands!

Thrones of Chaos's impending release will bring with it a world heavily focused on guilds and player vs player interaction! A family tree system that rewards long and prosperous lineages! And an opened ended and flexible skill system!

Features :

  • Explore a vast and detailed online world! Adventure through 4 unique realms riddled with danger and opportunity!
  • Choose to play as 4 distinct races! Dwarves , Humans , Orcs or Elves!
  • Open-ended , skill based progression system!
  • Live on through your descendants using a unique family system!
  • Harvest resources for use in crafting items and weapons!
  • Own and ride dynamic mounts!
  • Form your guilds and wage war across the lands in an unrestrictive , player vs player focused world!

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