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Armed Assault

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive Studio
Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio
Release Date: May 4, 2007 (US), Feb. 23, 2007 (EU)

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'Armed Assault' - German v1.02 Patch/Server Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 17, 2006 @ 5:56 a.m. PST

Armed Assault features a new engine with a fresh modern setting and focuses on freedom of action and immersive complex environments, blended with a unique touch of total simulation, based on a technology used to train real soldiers around the world, including U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army and Australian Defense Forces.

Get the Armed Assault German v1.02 Patch / Win32 Server off WP (106/9mb)

Dieses Setup bringt ArmA: Armed Assault auf Version 1.02

HINWEIS: Dieser Patch updated eine nicht unerhebliche Menge an Daten und braucht deshalb sehr lang zum installieren (je nach System 10Min oder länger). Bitte haben Sie Geduld und brechen Sie den Patchvorgange NICHT ab und starten Sie auch NICHT ihr System neu!


1. Das ZIP-Archiv entpacken (
2. Arma_GermanPatch_102.exe ausführen (Sie benötigen Administratoren- oder vergleichbare Rechte)


Auf Grund einiger Optimierungen ist die Version 1.02 nicht länger mit 1.00 oder 1.01 im Mehrspielermodus kompatibel. Benutzer, welche sich Version 1.02 installieren, können nicht länger auf Servern der Version 1.00 oder 1.01 spielen.

Bitte beachten Sie beim Updaten des Servers auf 1.02, daß Sie auch alle geänderten Files erneut hochgeladen werden müssen, die sich seit der letzten (auf dem Server installierten Version) geändert haben.


Eine neue Version von OpenAL ist unter verfügbar. Diese Version ist ebenfalls Teil des Patcharchives und es wird dringend empfohlen diesen Treiber zu installieren!

v1.01, 1.02


- Significantly improved general performance of the German version
- Improved performance on shading detail and texture detail very low
- Optimized grass implementation
- Fixed bug in texture management: All textures could have been thrown away under certain conditions

Stability and Security:

- Some crash opportunities in multiplayer fixed.
- Crash when out of videomemory fixed
- Removed function exportLandscapeXYZ

- Pathfinding improvements
- Combat reaction improvements


- Dedicated server related improvements
- Netcode optimizations

- Improved missions endings in various conditions
- Fixed mission duration info

- Helicopter controlls reworked


1.02 - Fixed: Parameters set when creating a new profile was not saved

1.02 - Fixed: User profile ending with the period character was handled incorrectly

1.02 - Fixed: Improved helicopter controls and flight model.

1.02 - Fixed: Dedicated server crash

1.02 - Fixed: Random crashes in MP

1.02 - Fixed: Default profile cannot be deleted nor renamed now

1.02 - Fixed: Rename of profile work correctly now

1.02 - Fixed: Stealing gear from medics was possible

1.02 - New: Joystick sensitivity configurable in ArmAProfile file. Configuration is done per positive/negative part of each axis. Default is: joystickSensitivity[]={

0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500 000,1.000000,1.000000,

0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500000,0.500 000,1.000000,1.000000};

1.02 - Fixed: MP server crash (sometimes after JIP client disconnected)

1.02 - Fixed: Squad logo was not shown on all clients in MP

1.02 - Fixed: Normal maps need not to be thrown away in LowEnd quality settings after restarting the game

1.02 - Fixed: Dedicated server required OpenAL32.dll

1.02 - Fixed: AI are better planning the path over the bridge

1.02 - Fixed: Player with no legs gets no longer stuck in up/down limbo

1.02 - Fixed: Plane mouse control do not affect cyclic while looking around

1.02 - Fixed: "life" cheat (immortality) disabled in Retail versions

1.02 - Fixed: Boats were able to drive on shore quite fast.

1.02 - Fixed: Boats were able to sink into the terrain once destroyed.

1.02 - Fixed: (Car) Camera height angle is reset going from external to internal view or vice versa

1.02 - Fixed: AI pathfinding improved (unexpected leaving of roads will happen less frequently)

1.02 - New: Config switch to disable "Voice over Net" on dedicated servers (disableVoN=0

1.02 - Fixed: Car-ground collision response improved.

1.02 - Fixed: Cars simulation - better speed stability when low speed wanted

1.02 - Fixed: Wake up object physics after setVector/setVectorUp.

1.02 - Fixed: Injured soldier is forced to prone only when he wants to move (done to fix RPG soldier ability to run even when injured)

1.02 - New: Headlights are now not switched when player leaves the vehicle.

1.02 - Fixed: Command line options -world, -noland and -netlog enabled.

1.02 - Fixed: Boat can now be controlled with keyboard while looking around using a mouse.

1.02 - Fixed: Peeking through walls using leaning is no longer possible.

1.02 - Changed: Helicopter autohover default binding changed to double backslash key to improve A/S/D/W precision.

1.02 - New: Added manual fire default binding to ' (apostrophe) key.

1.02 - Fixed: False conflict reported for Handgun, Salute and SitDown actions for vehicles.

1.01 - New: Support for improved UI in dialogs during joining to dedicated server

1.01 - Changed: normal maps are not used when using "shading quality" "very low"

1.01 - Improved: AI pathfinding failing less often now

1.01 - Removed: function exportLandscapeXYZ

1.01 - Fixed: Tonemapping was not involved in the flare color calculation

1.01 - Fixed: NULL RT texture can be created now if possible as a shadow buffer resource - it will save some video RAM when using nVidia SB technique

1.01 - Fixed: 1x1 texture is created now as a shadow buffer resource, when using retail version of the DX - it will save some video RAM when using nVidia or ATI SB techniques

1.01 - Fixed: Fixed bug in texture management. All textures could have been thrown away under certain conditions

1.01 - Fixed: crash when out of videomemory

1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes did not react to change formation command

1.01 - Fixed: AI more actively scanning visually for enemy when his position is not known.

1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes planned path through walls

1.01 - Fixed: AI sometimes did not found path around mountains

1.01 - Fixed: Message: No entry 'binconfig.bin/CfgMarkers.'

1.01 - Fixed: Dedicated server can retranslate Voice Over Net packets

1.01 - Fixed: Possible crash when exiting multiplayer game.

1.01 - Fixed: Possible crash when hosting MP session

1.01 - Fixed: LOD selection for clutters was not working properly

1.01 - Fixed: Very low shading quality settings now invoke usage of very cheap shader for trees

1.01 - Fixed: Display for mission selecting / voting on dedicated server - mission list fixed

1.01 - Fixed: Crash in multiplayer lobby screen

1.01 - Fixed: Debriefing - mission duration info was wrong in campaign

1.01 - Fixed: Command interface, with ALT held should move cursor

1.01 - Fixed: Improved AI reaction to soldier being hit nearby.

1.01 - Fixed: Improved AI reaction to friendly units observed being killed.

1.01 - Fixed: AI reaction improved for enemies disembarking vehicles.

1.01 - Fixed: Unicode used for dedicated server console output.

1.01 - Fixed: Unicode used for debugger output (OutputDebugString)

==Version 1.02==

1.02 - Fixed various model issues on several vehicles.

1.02 - AH-6 sound occlusion changed

1.02 - Pistol moves improved

1.02 - Evasive forward with launchers improved

1.02 - Launcher reload time increased to 4 seconds

1.02 - Fixed various model issues on several buildings.

1.02 - Fixed syntax in ColorCoef[]

1.02 - Fixed various model issues on several characters.

1.02 - Fixed wound definition for Fieldreporter

1.02 - Fixed wrong respawn weapons on SoldierWAT

1.02 - Soldiers have now 12 main and 8 side item pockets

1.02 - Grenadiers carry now 8 grenades

1.02 - Fixed various model issues.


1.02 - Fixed various model issues.

1.02 - Adjustments of object placements

1.02 - Fixed amount of cargo in M113

1.02 - Fixed various model issues on several vehicles.

1.02 - Lense flare removed from M113

1.02 - Added interface of dedicated server voting screen

1.02 - Fixed lenght of player's name field

1.02 - Fixed amount of cargo in Zodiak and PBX

1.02 - Lense flare removed from RHIB weapons [[User:Rastavovich|Rastavovich]]

1.02 - Fixed ironsights.

1.02 - modified recoil for M249 on ground

1.02 - Lense flare removed from all vehicles that should not have it

1.02 - Improved guided missiles and rocket behaviour

1.02 - KVPT shoots now from turret

1.02 - Fixed AK74 ammo is not silenced to AI anymore

1.02 - Fixed amount of cargo in vehicles.

1.02 - Updated armor settings for military wheeled vehicles.

1.02 - Lense flare removed from all vehicles that should not have it

1.02 - Fixed various model issues on several vehicles.

1.02 - Several campaign missions improved.

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