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Control Monger

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: MindSurge Entertainment & Netcharger
Developer: MindSurge Entertainment & Netcharger

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'Control Monger' - v1.020 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2006 @ 9:10 a.m. PST

Control Monger is a team based online first person shooter for up to 255 players, with 7 player types (Repair, heavy, construction, sniper, demolition, soldier & spy bot), multiple modes of play on each map (CTF, KoTH, DM etc.), and supports custom made maps.

Get the Control Monger v1.020 Client patch off WP (2mb)

Control Monger v1.020


Added Colosseum map to the official map selection:
+This is a brand new map set in a Roman Colosseum
+Supports all modes of play
Added JoyPad/JoyStick support:
+Enable this on the options screen
+When enabling support you will be put through a calibration screen to assign axis/buttons to various in-game inputs
+All keyboard/mouse controls can still be used
+Supports joysticks on any port (not just the first port)
+Can use inputs on different devices if wanted
+We recommend a JoyPad with two control sticks and at least 10 buttons
Added nickname reserves:
+This feature allows you to assign a password to certain nicknames to ensure no one else can use them
+To allow anyone to protect their username turn on public name registering with the "SvrAllowNameReserves Yes" command
+If the server admin has allowed public name reserving anyone can type /ReserveName PASSWORD into the console to reserve their name
+Enter the password at the server list screen after reserving a name
+Moderators can reserve specific names by adding a , then the name at the end of the command (eg. /ReserveName mypassword,Bobby)
+Moderators, admin, etc passwords override any name reserve and allow entry anyway
+Also added /ReserveList [Search$,Start%] command to list currently reserved names (see updated SvrCmd.txt for details) - moderator or higher access needed
+Mods/admins can also delete reserved names from the list with the /ReserveDelete ID% command
+NOTE: When/if global name registration is added this feature will only work on non-published (ie. LAN) servers.
Message of the Day (MOTD) feature added:
+This allows the server admin to display a short message to players when they join their server
+Message is displayed after loading until they spawn
+Can also show the message again using F10 to toggle the display on/off
+Server admins should use /SvrMOTD Message$ to set their MOTD, use | to seperate lines if needed
+MOTD updates immediatly when changed, no need for players to log out and back in
Added map pack file support:
+This is a special type of file designed for Control Monger with the extention .cmp
+It contains all the information needed to install a custom map along with the files needed to play it
+Double clicking a .cmp will now launch the game and ask the user if they wish to install the pack
+If they choose to continue the files will be installed in the correct location
+A map pack utility is now available on the website for authors to use to create these files
+Seperate dedicated server only map packs (.cdp) can also be generated for dedicated server installs, they tend to be much smaller than the client map packs
Added ability limit display:
+This shows how many more turrets, med stations, force walls, remote/proximity mines or time bombs you can place
+Displayed as icons below the ability bar (top left) - automaticly changes by which bot you are currently using
+Takes into account both individual and team limitations
+Light icons indicate objects you have placed, greyed out icons indicate how many more you can place before reaching a limit
Added radar status display just under the radar circle:
+Left blip indicates enemy radar, right one indicates friendly radar
+Displayed as green when its working and red when its been destroyed or orange when at least one has been destroyed
Can now easily see current team colour:
+Team colour indicated by a colour coded border around the radar
+Displayed as white during FFA games
Added UPnP automatic port forwarding if the user has a UPnP capable router (and has it enabled):
+Basicly means they can host games without having to change any settings on their router
+Ports are only opened while Control Monger is running and are closed as soon as you end the application
Added ip range parameter to PlayerBan command:
+Allows banning of similar IP address
+Levels 1,2 & 3 available; example: 1 = 64.231.182.*, 2 = 64.231.*.*, 3 = 64.*.*.*
+Moderators can use level 1 however anything higher will require an admin
+NOTE: Use this command with caution as it can ban other players on the same ISP or other ISPs if a high level is used
Added new green timer to the ability ammo count to indicate how long until a new one is generated
Added /PlayerAuth Name$ command to display if someone has authority with the server (this command can be used by anyone)

Fixes / minor changes:

Server / client port changes on the options screen now take immediate effect
Server now sends a list of player names, team & points to the server list server (ie. can now view a list of players on the website)
Fixed bug with objective pointer not updating from defend core after you get killed while moving it back to your base
Removed a few remaining referances to "flag" and changed them to "core"
Fixed bug with repair timer always lasting one second instead of the real time when not hosting the game locally
Server now sends messages to confirm if it has accepted a change bot/team/suicide request rather than relying on a guess by the client - this is usually only an issue when changing bot just before respawn
Active flag display now takes into account games where only a certain number of cores are allowed
Fixed bugs with auto comm on KOTH games with more than one core
Fixed bug with target pointer colour interfering with objective pointer colour
F5 objectives screen now displays correct current objective in KOTH games with multiple cores
Scoring changes:
+FFA CTF games now give 10 points per core and 1 point per kill
+FFA KOTH games now give 5 points every 2 seconds for holding the core next to the score point and 1 point per kill
+Team KOTH games now give 10 points for capturing the core then 5 points every 10 seconds + 5 points per additional defender
+FFA games now give 3 points for constructing objects (do not get points for repairing or destructing objects)
+FFA DM games now give 5 points per kill
+Now score up to 3 points for destroying enemy objects (3 for generators & radar controls, 2 for turrets, stations & portals & 1 for anything else)
The two bot limit commands now display the order of bots on the help command
Fixed network bug with reliable messages (should increase stability in laggy conditions greatly)
Fixed bug with local player being kicked on hosted games
Balancing changes:
+Repair ability now takes half the time it used to (to try and encourage this ability a bit more)
+Range of repair ability increased
+Immune time changed from three seconds to five, you now have more than enough time to get away from your spawn point if people are camping it
+Spread of mini and rail guns increased and bullet size increased dramaticly - should make it much easier to hit at close to medium distances
+Range of rail gun decreased (to make up for the extra CPU time needed by larger bullets)
+Doubled disarm ability size so you can now use it to disarm proximity mines without setting them off
+Decreased cool down on force wall to one second
+Grenade launcher damage reduced by one sixth
+Mini gun damage increased slightly
EMP changes:
+Visual effect reduced greatly so you can still see clearly
+Engines now automaticly restart once the effect has finished (to make it easier for new players)
+Ammo limit reduced from four to two (to make it less likely you will get EMP'd over and over)
Collision on grenade launcher grenades improved to expload nearer to the actual point of impact
Immune players no longer moved about by explosions
EMPs and flash grenades can no longer effect just spawned (immune) players
One hit shield now also absorbs the blast movement effect
Fixed exploitable bug allowing grenades to be shot through walls in some cases
Fixed bug with weapon accuracy on slopes
Added weapon recoil to Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher & Rail Gun weapons
Can now look down further (to match angle you can look up at)
Cluster regen speed now shows correct timing until you can use another cluster
Ammo / boost stations now have seperate cool down timers
Objective and comm target pointers now hidden when dead
Mouse no longer draged to central position when quit window is open after respawn
No longer use remote mine ammo when detenating previous mine
Range checked by dropped map objects (force wall & med station) now larger so less likely to loose them (will still loose ammo if you do)
Med station healing amount increased
Med station no longer heals bots with a shield up or cloaked/invisible - this is due to technical reasons which would cause the ability to end
No longer loose ammo briefly when trying to place turrets, force walls or med stations when the limit has been reached (didn't occur if you were hosting)
Fixed bug with grenade launcher firing at full strength when only held for a second (while its reloading)
Ban system now seperates bans on different servers if running more than one (note this also means if you change a servers port all previous bans will be lost)
Added wildcard name search to PlayerList and BanList commands and also limited maximum listed to 20
Added start parameter to MapList, PlayerList and BanList commands to skip the first ? results
MapList command now displays a maximum of 20 entries
Any connection recieved from (ie. the local machine) is now given admin authority to ensure bans and passwords can not block entry
Mouse sensetivity/invert options now changed to Look sensetivity/invert and effect both the JoyPad/Joystick and mouse
Added auto balance, core limit, lives and duration options to the host screen
Can now input up to 250 characters into the message bar regardless of resolution (now scrolls to end of the line)
Renamed team respawn mode to group respawn to help make it clearer how it works (you respawn with all other dead players at set intervals in a group)
Fixed several minor spelling errors/typos in both the code and documentation
Maximum console size reduced to 1024x768 res due to problems with larger textures on some cards causing sever slow down
Moved comm / spy bot displays down so they don't cover top part of GUI
Updated controls screen (F4) to include MOTD, brightness adjust & self destruct
No longer spawn immediatly when joining a game in progress, start with the normal respawn time
/SaveConfig command now saves MOTD and public name reserve option
When running in dedicated server mode post game music no longer played
Fixed bug with in game menu (escape window) not refreshing
Fixed bug with auto team balance when new connection is replacing a dead connection of the same player
If the current game is using the AutoBalance options players can no longer change teams if it will un-balance the game
Change team option no longer available in FFA games
Can no longer start self destructs while dead
Fixed bug with new joypad support causing problems with movement of remote players
Server now displays/logs who is sending console commands
/PlayerList command now lists current authority of each player as well
Fixed bug with bot counts in quit window not updating
Fixed exploitable bug that allowed bot limits to be broken in team games
Bot limits now work in FFA games
Fixed bug with in game menu (escape window) going invisible if you right clicked its title bar
If team balance or bot limit is reached while you are changing team/bot the self destruct is now cancelled by the server
Fixed bug with dropping med stations or force walls being lost due to a collision bug
Can no longer stack med stations or force walls (note however they can now intersect each other)
Fixed bug with score display showing the next games info when hosting a game during the post game stage
Fixed bug with last points in KOTH games not showing on the score board
Crosshair now flashes red when hitting a player with a spread weapon such as the rail gun
Changed FFA text on score display / objectives display to "FFA" instead of "Everyone for themselves"
Respawn mode is now displayed on the score display in FFA games
No longer displays messages / plays radar built sound after building the first radar control
Possible fix to bug causing server system tray icon going invisible eventually
Fixed bug with force wall/med station ability limits not working in FFA games
Fixed bug with boost limit on player info display
Pressing escape during loading will now quit the game
Now automaticly switches to another weapon after half a second if you run out of ammo
Added gameplay options for the new auto engine restart after EMP and primary weapon switch when run out of ammo features
Removing maps from the map cycle no longer messes up related bot limits
Added MapListSet command to change existing entries in the maplist, simply put the ID number of the entry as the first parameter
Fixed bug with repair ability appearing to give double points (didn't effect score on server)
Dedicated server now automaticly re-hides itself (if originally hidden) if user doesn't respond to an error message and the message times out
Improved accuracy of ability counter and its regen timer (when under lag)
Plasma/flame thrower effects now show regardless of particle settings
Fixed backdoor entry problem to password protected servers
Construct/Destruct abilities now ignores objects if they're already constructed or destructed (so you can construct/destruct the object behind it if needed)
Can now construct/destruct objects in FFA games
Map loading text is now colour coded to indicate which team you will be joining
Added timer display to the Invisibility and Force Sheild abilities
Spy bot copy ability changes:
+Can now be used in FFA games
+Enemies now see a health icon above them
+Approaching any door will cause it to open
+Can toggle door controls (to make this feature a bit more useful)
+Doubled regen time
+Can go through enemy portals
+Can no longer pickup cores while spying - to limit the power of this ability a bit
Can no longer release a grenade immediatly after using the grenade launcher (dedicated servers were rejecting the grenade anyway)
Names/object types now show up when pointing crosshair at them when grenade launcher is equipped
If the scoring player in a KOTH game leaves the game or changes team the core now drops to the floor. This allows twenty seconds for the holding team to reclaim the core before its returned to the neutral position.
When someone is killed if no one helped the killer the game no longer displays the "(? helped)" bit in the kill message
Changing name no longer causes the server to forget your score/lives if you leave and change it during a game
Lives based game no longer ends if a team completely leaves while they still had lives
Brand new players joining an empty team now get an average of total lives left
Can now see how charged up grenade / grenade launcher throws are by red bar on their ammo displays
Grenade launcher no longer triggered when bringing up the game menu (Escape key)
Starting chat or the console now cancels held grenades, you can however release the button and fire a new one while the chat/console is still up
Destroying one of your teams objects now costs 3 points
Fixed zoom bug when changing bot type during pre-game state
Can now construct neutral objects in team games however do not recieve points for doing so
Now score 3 points for destroying enemy generators/radar controls, 2 points for turrets, ammo/boost/med stations or portals and 1 point for doors/structures
Now includes version information in server logs/error logs
Fixed bug causing remote players to appear to jump just after they released the primary weapon button
Fixed numerous small bugs with how the server handeled the local player updates when hosting a game
Corrected texture size on a few official textures
Fixed minor bug with an error message when trying to join a server running a different version
Server console window on dedicated server now uses a fixed width font to keep text in line on some commands
Fixed bug allowing rockets to do double damage to world objects (did not effect hits to players)
Can now cancel force shield, one-hit shield, cloak and invisibility abilities by pressing the ability trigger again (x / middle mouse button) - does NOT cost any ammo
No longer recieve points for using destruct ability on neutral objects
Added timer bar to see-through ability
Bots now rotated correctly when going through teleports (wasn't effecting players hosting a game)
Alt+F4 can now be used to close the program
+Now picks up friendly objects (displayed as green)
+Can no longer turn red or pickup invisible players while respawning/dead
+Holding it over friendly/neutral objects now displays further object information
Added colour coding to some server commands (e.g. red for failed, current map in maplist cycle is now highlighted and you are highlighted on /PlayerList)
Adjusted how scores are sent over the network to cope with the possibility of negative values
Map fixes:
+Adjusted rotation of all respawn points & teleport destinations in the official maps to always be pointed in a useful direction (ie. not at a wall)
+Fixed missing ammo/med station bug on Urban Assault (typo)
+Fixed missing ammo station on Temple Loci (typo)
+Lowered outer grid walls on Lunar Base to remove the hole in one corner allowing players to get behind it
+Lowered several wall structures in Lunar Base to remove gaps at the bottom of them
+Fixed gaps with a couple of doors on Urband Assault and adjusted the position of several others
+Fixed small gap on the doors in The Pit
+Added two neutral cores to Warehouse map
+Moved XXX/Exit signs slightly on Haunted map to hopefully remove flickering on all gfx cards
+Added invisible roof to Layers map to stop exploit of being able to get over the outer wall
+Added four neutral cores to Lunar Base
+Fixed Z buffer issues with sniper walls on Space Bridge
+Moved generators on Temple Loci out slightly to reduce Z buffer effect
+Fixed sticking bug on haunted in central room
+Fixed gap between radar doors and ceiling on Temple Astrous
Right click now disabled while game menu is up (to allow right clicking of sensetivity arrows)
Health icons for shield generators no longer show during DM games or FFA CTF/KOTH games when in construct/destruct ability mode
Fixed bugs with health icons not appearing or appearing when they shouldn't after changing game type but not map
Increased range and power of smoke grenade
/MapList now pads text to keep each column in line - easier to read. Same done on /SaveConfig and /PlayerList
"Out of Lives" message is now displayed for 15 seconds instead of 5 (as some people don't seem to be reading it and don't understand why they don't respawn)
If a player falls to his/her death while holding a core the core is now returned almost immediatly
Radar blips now faded slightly when the bot isn't on the same level as you (as in above or below you)
Engine sound frequency now increased more while boosting
Render order of GUI adjusted to make in-game quit menu always ontop of anything else
Weapons with all their ammo in the clip no longer say out of ammo when hitting the reload button (unless completly empty)
Server messages now displayed in yellow
Console now disabled during the tutorial
Few other minor adjustments to the tutorial
Can now look up and down at a much greater angle than before
Added Random$ parameter to /MapListStart. If enabled the list will be randomized when starting and each time the end of the list is reached
Added new collision type (9) that only works on players and not projectiles; this is so invisible barriers can be placed to stop players getting somewhere but will not stop grenades etc
Server now sends exact team scores to server database for more accurate information on the webside list
Copy ability renamed to Spy
Default betray respawn time penalty increased to five seconds from three
Default betray limit decreased from ten in five minutes to five in five minutes
Can no longer construct generators in KOTH games
Health packs now give two thirds health back maximum instead of three quaters
Game / dedicated server now automaticly associate themselves with map pack files
Fixed bug with EMP auto restart not working when not hosting the game
Increase EMP range
Auto call for armour should now work even if engines are disabled when the health enters critical
MOTD now only displays after the first map load
Score display no longer has Z buffer issue with spy copy panel
Network/engine status display now above score display
Fixed bug with /Help SvrMOTD command
| key no longer closes the console window (to allow this character to be typed in MOTDs)
Score display during post game state now shows correct info
Force walls now show up on crosshair info
Object info display now shows health as 3/3, 2/3 or 1/3
Fixed bug with scores being displayed wrong if you leave a game then come back
No longer get punished if you destroy a custom object you built (ie. turrets, force walls & med stations)
Two bars on ability display split so regen timer is displayed at the top and cool down timer below
Unused force walls on the ability display now displayed in grey to make things clearer
Fixed reload message on laser
Fixed "Sheild" typo
Score display is now displayed while waiting for the first spawn
Radar height comparison made less sensetive
Decreased grenade launcher reload time by a fair amount
Fixed auto jump bug - turned out to be due to a combination of new features and one error in the code
Objective pointer no longer updates while using infiltrate (to avoid the spy seeing the enemy's objective)
Shield, see-through & invisible timers now count down rather than up
Ability regen bar now fills up instead of counts down
Object info display now handles team correctly during FFA games
Shield timer now removed if shield drops due to damage (bug didn't effect players hosting games)
Press F to ? message on ammo, boost stations and cores no longer shows up while using infiltrate
Fixed bug causing core model to get left behind if you used infiltrate after picking up a core
Added 30 second time limit to infiltrate ability
Grenade no longer gets un-cooked after launching one from the grenade launcher
Boost sound no longer stops when coming out of infiltrate
Tweaked smoke grenade even more, increased emission rate and duration
Rocket launcher power increased to make up for it not doing double damage against objects anymore. NOTE: this may make it too powerful against players
Doors no longer close until a spy moves away from them after using infiltrate
If no surface is found when placing force walls/med stations the ammo is now returned (note however that the regen timer gets reset too)
Changed collision type on exits on colosseum so that players can't pass through them but projectiles can
Added credits for the new map & for the UPnP port forwarding program
Fixed bug with infiltrate ammo showing as one more than it should after leaving infiltrate for approx one second
Fixed bug with objective pointer not being updated after leaving infiltrate
Disabled objective pointer display completly while spying to avoid confusion
Fixed bug giving construction bot points for killing their own turrets
Fixed bug with /SaveConfig not writing betray limit/suicide penalty lines correctly
Adjusted MapListStart command to allow random mode to be used but not randomized immediatly (so you can set a specific map to start with but keep shuffeling the list when the end of the list is reached)
Fixed bug with saving score images loosing at least the last two players
Score display no longer displays the "F1 - Everyone" or "Press C to capture to disk" messsages when saving or on the dedicated server
Fixed text padding on /PlayerList command
Finally discovered the source of the invisible grenade bug and fixed it, happened after anyone used the plasma cannon weapon
Fixed long standing bug with system tray library that caused the server icon to disappear eventually
Fixed a couple of glet issues with space bridge
Adjusted the way damage from rockets & the plasma cannon is delt:
+If a player or object is directly hit (physical contact) the full damage is delt
+If the rocket/plasma charge hits nearby an object or player a % of the damage is delt
+This fixes the issue of hitting large/long objects at the sides; was causing no damage as it was always measured by the distance from the center of the object
Fixed bug with the calculation of sniper shot damage
Fixed bug causing score display not to show up during the first spawn if a MOTD isn't set
Fixed a couple of minor bugs with the object/player info display
Reduced time it takes for object display to appear to approx. one second
Added hidden gameplay preferance to limit max pitch angle (how far you can look up/down) to cm.ini
Server icon now displays what port the server is on in the tool tip
Stopped static sound from playing after a bot has died while in contact with a wall

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