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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: 10tacle
Developer: SimBin

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'GTR 2' - v1.1 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 21, 2006 @ 7:19 a.m. PST

Come summer 2006, GTR 2 will set new standards all over again! The new DirectX9 graphics engine ensures that the race cars and circuits are portrayed in a more detailed and photorealistic way than ever before, and the sensation of speed experienced with the HP-beasts is even more immersive, thanks to the improved driving model. <br><br> The dynamic day-night light cycle, weather changes, and impressive damage system once again provides an impressive experience of the exciting FIA GT racing series on your PC at home.

Get the GTR 2 v1.1 Patches off WP (35mb)

GTR2 Update


• Fixed performance hit in Changeable Weather
• Fixed missing race groove in driving school
• Fixed Car number missing from results export
• Fixed inconsistency with "Pit Exit Arrow" UI option
• Fixed inconsistency with "Mirrors" UI option - Mirrors are now ON ingame when UI shows ON
• Fixed Custom Championship "European 360 Champions Cup" incorrect reference to "Dubai North"
• Fixed Custom Championships with F575s that contained duplicate drivers
• Improved car balance in custom Championship "Super Endurance Drivers Championship"
• Improved statistics tracking in Player Profile
• Allow manual pit control in Novice mode
• Fixed bug where some cars would not visibly show repaired body damage after pitstops
• Fixed bug where corner markers would no longer show after first car crossed the finish line
• Fixed bug where track award video was shown when no track was awarded
• Fixed bug where Wrong time indicator and position were displayed during some Driving lessons
• Added option to skip award videos
• Enabled "+auto" command line option on the dedicated server
• Fixed bug where "Show All" drivers lobby option was not working on first entry to Lobby
• Fixed bug where the Fuel and Tyre wear labels were inverted on the dedicated server
• Fixed bug where "-1/16 players" was sometimes shown on the in-game server UI
• Fixed bug where the Lobby lists would sometimes overflow the display areas

Track specific

• Valencia
- Corrected an issue where the Pole position was on the wrong side of the track
- Fixed a bug where some terrain areas caused cars to flip
- Fixed a bug where the tirewalls graphics were corrupted by headlights
• Magny Cours
- Fixed low-res textures on some boards
- Fixed a bug where the track would cause a CTD on some hardware
• Spa Francorchamps
- Corrected a graphical issue on one of the curbs

Car specific

• Murcielago
- Corrected a graphical issue on the right rear wheelarch
• Ferrari JMB 575
- Fixed a bug where the steering wheel was not disabled when the option for visible steeringwheel is unchecked

• You will receive a "Version Mismatch" message if you attempt to connect to a server that is not running GTR2

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