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June 2018

Anno 1701

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Sunflowers
Developer: Related Designs

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'Anno 1701' - European v1.01 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 23, 2006 @ 10:41 a.m. PST

Set once again in the 16th and 17th centuries, the age of seafaring and discovery, a unique blend of different genres makes this a truly gripping real-time building simulation. For the first time, players of all levels of skill and experience were deeply involved in development. Their influence proved vital in making this unique gaming experience more accessible than ever. Players create their own startlingly vivid, realistic world. Interaction takes place at ever turn. Play this exciting, action-packed game once and you will never want to stop!

Get the Anno 1701 v1.01 UK/French Patch off WP (26mb)

Errors corrected

- A ship following a trade route and stopping in front of the warehouse, failing to continue along that trade route.
- A team win in multi-player was sometimes impossible to achieve.
- Ships belonging to an AI (which had given up) could get stuck at the edge of the map.
- The AI failing to react to the destruction of a foreign culture.
- A display problem which occurred in multi-player save games.
- Possible Blood brotherhood with more than one culture.
- Errors in the balance sheet when a save game had been saved and then re-loaded.
- Computer opponents could erect a warehouse on a location unsuitable for construction.
- Construction could be carried out „free of charge” during lags in multi-player matches.
- Existing fraternizations are now terminated when a foreign culture is destroyed.
- Occasionally an escort’s companions stayed in one place as soon as the escort target was sent on patrol.
- Patrol points “jumping” after a battle.
- Escort ships leaving the escort after a battle.
- A foreign culture’s special action still being carried out after that culture had been destroyed.
- Bonus coins can no longer be redeemed in multi-player matches.
- Occasionally a so-called “Freeze” in the "The Legacy of the Ancestors" scenario.
- Sometimes the “Eichendorff” AI stopping production.
- Problems with the AI portraits once an AI had been destroyed.
- Setting the video settings to "very high" on an ATI video card, does not result in the statue on the village center not being displayed.
- Players spying upon an opponent’s ships.
- Damaged trade routes after a saved game was loaded.
- Damaged trade routes whenever a warehouse was renamed.
- Ships appearing to be floating inside one another upon completion.


- The AI ships now react more intelligently when faced outnumbered by the enemy.
- Storm strength now adjusts to fit island size.
- The Queen’s fleets are now somewhat more powerful.
- Die Queen now demands two additional tribute payments or sends one additional fleet.
- The normal AI no longer adjusts to suit the player but instead advances on its own.
- The foreign cultures’ landmarks are now immune to catastrophes.
- The Revolutionary doesn’t stay in the city as long as before.
- The AI no longer advances right after the player does, but instead waits a short while.


- Players can now choose whether they must fulfil all of the conditions for win just one.
- A tool tip was added for the time limit for reaching independence.
- A multi-player game no longer pauses when Escape is pressed.
- The delay in saving has been removed from the multi-player game.
- The interface can now be hidden to allow better screenshots.
- Clouds can now also be hidden to allow better screenshots.
- Inhabitant message no longer come as often as before.
- Trees can now be planted both over the menu and using the pipette. It is no longer necessary to enter a cheat to do so.
- In multi-player the clients now also show both the game name and the password.
- Pirate ships are now likely to leave some flotsam floating on the water when sunk.


- A number of adjustments have been made for the new G80 graphics chip from Nvidia in order to take full advantage of its potential, e.g. 8x & 16x CSAA support (Coverage Sampling Aliasing).

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