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Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: GameFactory

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'Officers' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 5, 2006 @ 4:57 a.m. PST

Officers is a 3D real time strategy game with RPG elements that lets the player act as an officer commanding tank and infantry units. The dynamic and gripping gameplay will allow the player to experience delights of victory and bitterness of defeat with up to 1.500 units simultaneously engaged in a battle. The story of the game is based on the general facts of the World War II.

Get the Officers demo off WP (640mb)

Please note that Officers does not support Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95/98/NT/2000.

System Requirements

CPU: AMD 2.6 GHz or Intel PentiumR 2.6 GHz
RAM: 512 Mb
Graphics Card: DirectX 9 compatible with 128 Mb and shader v2.0 support
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
DVD/CD-ROM: 1x or faster
OS: WindowsR XP
HD free space: 3 Gb
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)

CPU: AMD 3 GHz or Intel PentiumR 3 GHz and higher
RAM: 1024 Mb
Graphics Card: DirectX 9 compatible with 128 Mb and shader v2.0 support
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
DVD/CD-ROM: 4x or faster
OS: WindowsR XP
HD free space: 3 Gb
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)

Improving Performance

There are several ways to improve the performance of Officers on min and mid-spec systems, all accessible through the Options menu:

- Reduce the resolution
- Reduce the Texture Quality
- Reduce the Shadow Quality
- Reduce the Fog Distance
- Reduce the Grass Density
- Reduce the Grass Distance
- Turn off the Bloom
- Turn off the Grass

Gameplay Basics

Please find below a few hints to get started playing Officers.

To scroll the map, move the cursor to the edge of the screen. To control the camera view, press and hold down the middle mouse button. By moving the mouse to the left or to the right you can rotate the camera. You can alternatively tilt it by moving the camera up and down with the middle mouse button pressed. Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
You can issue orders by selecting a unit (or several units) by clicking on it (them) with the left mouse button (referred to as LMB further on). Click LMB on the action icon from the orders area and afterwards click LMB on the target area or object. You can alternatively issue default orders as "attack" and "move" to a selected unit (or several units) by clicking with right mouse button (referred to as RMB further on) on the target area or unit.

Your units have two types of ranges - visibility and firing range. Firing range for armored units is displayed with a red circle around a selected unit. Green circle indicates its visibility range. Please note that if you select an infantry squad, the red circle will indicate its grenade throw distance rather than firing range. Infantry firing range is the same as its visibility range.

During the battle, to command troops more effectively, you may want to create a group. To do so, select a few units by holding the LMB pressed and dragging the cursor around them. Press CTRL key and one numeric key (e.g. CTRL and 1) to create group 1. The tag number 1 will appear in the right upper corner. Later on, you can access this group by pressing key 1 or clicking LMB on the tag number 1.

Units gain experience points in battle, when XP reaches a certain level. Consequently, the unit steps up one level and gains extra accuracy of fire, improved hiding, vigilance and repairing skill.
Your units may also take advantage of two stances: normal and aggressive. In normal stance units will always follow your direct orders. In aggressive stance, on the other hand, they will always engage sighted enemy units at will. Toggle stance button is located in the orders area.

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