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'Liquidator: Welcome to Hell' - 50 New Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 14, 2006 @ 2:43 p.m. PST

Liquidator is action packed and appeals to gamers that enjoy first person shooters, as well as those that enjoy action adventure games with RPG elements. The game features massive shooting sequences and action elements. Read more for some new screens...

Finally the warring nations of earth had forgotten their differences and banded together. The United Space Agency has found many inhabitable worlds and established diplomatic relations with three of them. In order to travel between worlds instantaneously scientists invented hypergate technology.

Earth's citizens installed teleportation devices on these worlds and provided them with a special fuel. A constant flow of information was maintained between these worlds and peaceful relations were maintained. Suddenly all signals disappeared and people of Earth understood that something terrible had happened. This was confirmed by a man who teleported from one of these worlds and told that his planet had been captured by alien creatures who had banished all inhabitants to an unknown locations; he was the only one who had managed to reach the Earth.

This message could not be ignored, because it meant that the Earth was in danger. In short time select groups of Special Forces were created whose task were to journey to these three planets and to destroy fuel stocks in order to prevent the capture of the Earth. Shortly, the Special Forces got in touch with the Earth and reported that they had installed shot firing systems and were waiting the signal to start the operation. After that, connection was lost.

For some time The Virtual Teleportation Agency tried to re-establish contact with them but all their efforts failed. The Virtual Teleportation Agency did not receive confirmation on whether or not the operation had been completed. Alien creatures were not only invaders; they also caused anomalous phenomena to occur. Upon their appearance, the worlds' structures and contents started to change irreversibly. This change took the form of a merging of organic and non-organic structures that led to the creation of strange beings and plants.

One world started to turn into a swamp, the second one into hellish lands, and the third became a world of desolation. In order to prevent aliens from reaching the Earth and similarly transforming it, The Virtual Teleportation Agency sent a player to each of these three worlds to cut off the communication links with the Earth by destroying fuel tanks for teleportation systems.

Game Features

  • Exploration and battle through three worlds, each with multiple objectives to complete
  • Epic environments with cinematic special effects
  • Intense story-driven structure packed with fearsome firepower
  • Unique, high-energy gun-toting gameplay
  • 7 kinds of highly realistic weapons
  • Highly detailed scenes
  • Original characters and hostile alien creatures to interact with
  • Abnormal means of the characters' attack
  • Real-time physical damage to enemies, vehicles, and structures
  • Smart AI characters that react to multiple attacks
  • Outstanding sound effects and musical score
  • Vast outdoor game environments to explore
  • Easy-to-use interface that gives the player flexible control
  • Dozens of game objects that utilize real world physics for the player to use and control
  • Next generation 3D engine that utilizes a wide array of lighting, bump mapping and pixel shading techniques

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