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State of Emergency 2

Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Genre: Action
Publisher: Playlogic / /SouthPeak

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'State of Emergency 2' (PS2) Declared In Stores

by Rainier on Feb. 14, 2006 @ 2:51 p.m. PST

State of Emergency 2 takes place 10 years after the original and has Spanky, Bull and MacNeill again up against the Corporation. This time, they not only have access to guns but also - for the first time - helicopters, speedboats, Tanks and APCs and new team members.

“We are pleased to deliver State of Emergency 2 and convinced that this enhanced version will prove to be a popular franchise,” said Mark Greenshields, Chief Executive Officer of DC Studios. “We are also very confident that the game’s sequel will surpass its prequel because State of Emergency 2 introduces many new and exciting game-play elements like gang control and interrogation as well as new driving and flying vehicles.”

State of Emergency 2 takes place four years after the original game and once again has Spanky, Bull, MacNeill and the rest of the Freedom movement battling to rid the world of the oppressive Corporation, an evil corporate dictatorship whose ultimate goal is the global enslavement of the masses. This action-packed sequel offers a wide variety of new and exciting game play options which are all supported by a gripping storyline.

State of Emergency 2 introduces new game play features such as:

  • Single player action - Single player mode featuring 12 innovative missions with a vast array of features and a full cinematic story experience.
  • Large number of simultaneous on-screen characters - From the prisoners of the early missions to the unruly inhabitants of the Ghetto and the downtrodden populace of the Workers’ Zone, crowds can be rallied to the cause or frozen in fear depending upon how they are treated by the player.
  • Swarms of enemies - The game features nine different types of intelligent enemies that choose when to defend and when to attack, and are capable of hunting down the gameplayers if they choose to hide.
  • Gang control - Lead character, Spanky, can control Capitol City various gangs to assist him in overcoming great odds while battling against waves of Enforcers.
  • Multiple vehicles - Helicopters, Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers and Speedboats are all playable and all hugely destructive -- even the speedboat has a mortar fixed to the front.
  • Character switching - Choose the right man for the job. Switching players can also be used as a tactic when low on health and can prove vital to survival and progression through the levels.
  • Interrogation - This mini game has Spanky eliciting information the only way he knows how. Informers who are hit too lightly will deliver a barrage of indignant abuse and those who are hit too hard may be sent to the Great Beyond!
  • Arcade challenges - Earn gold, silver and bronze medals as well as rank on the high score table on 15 frantic arcade challenges, each with gold, silver and bronze medals and their own high score table which range from rocket, tank, and sniper contests to the incredibly fast-paced and hilarious Kaos modes.
  • Multiplayer modes for 1-4 players - Five multiplayer modes include deathmatch and flag attack as well as more conventional modes such as Last Man Standing and Battle mode.

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