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'Forbidden Siren 2' (PS2) - 5 New Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 24, 2006 @ 10:50 a.m. PST

The story takes place in an abandoned island, where all humans disappeared in a mysterious way 29 years ago. This time other than the dead people from the first game, there is a new type of enemy called the dark people, they have intelligence and abilities over human, and they can see in the darkness.

The story starts as a group of characters are washed up on the island's shore after their boat is caught in a violent storm. Unbeknown to them some twenty nine years earlier, all the inhabitants of the island mysteriously disappeared in a black-out.

Up until now the events of that ill-fated night remain unsolved. But as the haunting sound of a warning siren rings out over the island the castaways are faced with the awakening of the Shibito (living dead) and the Yamibito (people of the dark) – are they all that's left of the original inhabitants? Now it is a fight for survival and to unearth the secrets of the island.

To survive on the island players need to use light to their advantage. Both the Yamibito and Shibito are sensitive to light – but in opposing ways. To wipe out the Yamibito players need to turn lights on but, to take out the Shibito players need to eliminate light by turning off lights or smashing street lamps. Other ways players can escape the Shibito are by hiding in the darkness and throwing objects to distract them. Players can also use a variety of weapons to dispose of their enemies as well as running them down by using abandoned vehicles.

Additional features include a map that show the player's position on the island, a range of difficulty levels, enhanced tutorials, hint displays and an alert system to warn that an enemy is approaching. All of these features have been integrated into Forbidden Siren 2 to ensure that the game play is accessible and the players can instantly get started in their horror adventure!

From the developers of the critically acclaimed Forbidden Siren; Forbidden Siren 2 uses a mix of light and dark to build suspense and pace and has improved graphics to ensure players get a frighteningly real experience.

And for extra 'chill factor', the team has enhanced their trademark 'Sight-Jacking' view system so players can now see the game though the eyes of animals as well as through the eyes of the Shibito and the Yamibito. Watch the enemy hunt you with the tracking capability of the Sight Jacking and only if you dare – switch and watch yourself be the hunted! Players can also use the Sight-Jacking mode to see past characters in past viewings.

At the helm is the master director behind Silent Hill and SIREN, Keiichiro Toyama and Takafumi Fujisawa, the Executive Producer of Project SIREN. Realistic, unique and true to Asian horror genre, Forbidden Siren 2 is a truly horrifying gaming experience – watch out as they could be watching you.

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