Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Sunflowers

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'Paraworld' Gets Delayed .. Again

by Rainier on Feb. 8, 2006 @ 2:02 a.m. PST

Paraworld combes for the first time ever a setting never seen before with personalized unit management, it brings new life to the real-time strategy genre. Modern elements blend with primeval conditions in a long forgotten, incredibly beautiful prehistoric world. Creatures long extinct come once more to life, a constant danger to anyone living in the area.

In this 3D real-time strategy game players command their troops from dizzying heights, enthroned upon the heads of mighty dinosaurs and other tremendous beasts. Players command their troops both with and against dinosaurs in a prehistoric setting as incredibly dangerous as it is beautiful. The 3D real-time strategy title ParaWorld explodes the boundaries of the imaginable, putting you under the spell of a completely new and exciting world.Enthroned a dizzying height above the ground upon the heads of powerful fighting dinosaurs your warriors command them through a prehistoric world as breathtakingly beautiful as it is dangerous. Armed with devastating weapons and covered in fearsome warpaint you go to battle – leading your people in a fight to save this world.

During the entire development phase of the project, the inherent demands regarding the highest possible gaming quality were ensured by ongoing QA processes. SUNFLOWERS and the Studio employ 30 staff for this task alone. Each point of criticism was analysed and discussed, and the outcome was directly implemented in the game.

Adi Boiko, SUNFLOWERS President, explains the decision: “For any real-time strategy title, perfect balancing is of utmost importance. We want to provide the consumer with a unique gaming experience which will satisfy game pros as well as delighting occasional gamers due to the highest possible level of user friendliness and easy access. “

In order to provide ParaWorld Fans with the optimum gaming experience, SUNFLOWERS will use the remaining time until the release date to perform one of the largest-scale Multiplayer tests ever conducted in Germany. The resulting feedback will be directly integrated into the QA phase. Even before its release, ParaWorld is considered one of the most significant forthcoming real-time strategy games. The product transports the player into a parallel world dominated by dinosaurs and three mighty tribes. Side by side seven controllable heroes, the player explores 15 equally atmospheric and dangerous prehistoric scenarios, each consisting of five climatic zones. In the gripping Singleplayer Mode as well as the extensive Multiplayer Mode, ParaWorld impresses with dramatic real-time strategy action. With ParaWorld, SUNFLOWERS contributes significantly to the further development of this popular genre. ParaWorld will be released exclusively for PC towards the end of August 2006.


  • Prehistoric parallel world with more than 20 playable maps and 5 different climatic zones: Northlands, Jungle, Savannah, Ice Wastes and Lava
  • Comprehensive solo campaigns with 3 completely different tribes and 3 playable heroes
  • 3 different LAN and Internet multi-player modes for up to 8 players with 9 playable heroes
  • Over 50 different types of animals including 40 incredibly detailed dinosaurs
  • Gigantic combat units
  • Heroes allow the construction unique buildings, develop new abilities and collect and use different items
  • Units have their own special and finishing moves
  • Revolutionary unit management

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