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Kingdom Hearts II

Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Square-Enix
Developer: Square-Enix
Release Date: March 28, 2006

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'Kingdom Hearts II' (PS2) Updated Celebrity Voice Cast

by Rainier on Feb. 8, 2006 @ 4:06 a.m. PST

Kingdom Hearts II follows Sora, Donald, and Goofy on their continuing quest to find their friends and King Mickey. It has been a year since the events of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, the story begins in Twilight Town, a quiet burg nestled between night and day. Sora and friends are joined by a vibrant new cast of characters, including the king himself! In the effort to help Mulan and stop the villain Hades' devious plots, they will encounter countless dangers both familiar and brand-new.

The game franchise blends well-known characters from classic Walt Disney Co. films with original characters from Japanese game maker Square Enix. In this sequel, for example, Braff again will star as Chicken Little, Woods brings Hades to life, and Ming Na will play a virtual Mulan,

The original "Kingdom Hearts" game, which shipped in 2002, has sold more than 5 million units worldwide. Osment will reprise his role as Sora, the lead character in the role-playing game, who journeys through Disney film worlds accompanied by Goofy and Donald Duck. He will be joined by David Gallagher as Riku and Hayden Panettiere as Kairi. Christopher Lee, Brittany Snow and singer Jesse McCartney also play featured characters.

Suvari will portray Aerith, a popular character from Square Enix's best-selling "Final Fantasy VII" game. Other big-screen talent joining her include Steve Burton and Rachael Leigh Cook.

In a first for the franchise, the new game will add characters from such live-action movies as "Tron" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl." A trailer at last year's E3 video game convention showed the likeness of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow within the "Kingdom Hearts II" game world, for instance.

"Kingdom Hearts II" also features the worlds of "Hercules," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Lion King," "Aladdin" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Disney's Kingdom Hearts II," which hits U.S. stores on March 30.

  • Zach Braff .... Chicken Little (voice)
  • Steve Burton .... ???
  • Rachael Leigh Cook .... ???
  • Christopher Lee .... ???
  • Brittany Snow .... ???
  • Jesse McCartney .... ???
  • Haley Joel Osment .... Sora (voice)
  • David Gallagher .... Riku (voice)
  • Eddie Carroll .... Jiminy Cricket (voice)
  • Wayne Allwine .... Mickey Mouse (voice)
  • Jim Cummings .... Pete/Winnie The Pooh/Tigger (voice)
  • Hayden Panettiere .... Kairi (voice)
  • David Boreanaz .... Squall Leonhart (voice)
  • Mena Suvari .... Aerith Gainsborough (voice)
  • Christy Carlson Romano .... Yuffie Kisaragi (voice)
  • Sean Astin .... Hercules (voice)
  • Susan Egan .... Megara (voice)
  • Robert Costanzo .... Philoctetes (voice)
  • James Woods .... Hades (voice)
  • Matt Frewer .... Panic (voice)
  • Bob Goldthwait .... Pain (voice)
  • Robby Benson .... Beast (voice)
  • Paige O'Hara .... Belle (voice)
  • David Ogden Stiers .... Cogsworth (voice)
  • Angela Lansbury .... Mrs. Potts (voice)
  • Bradley Pierce .... Chip (voice)
  • Jonathan Freeman .... Jafar (voice)
  • Ming-Na .... Mulan (voice)
  • Mark Moseley .... Mushu (voice)
  • B.D. Wong .... Shang (voice)
  • Gedde Watanabe .... Ling (voice)
  • Jerry Tondo .... Chien-Po (voice)
  • Miguel Ferrer .... Shan-Yu (voice)
  • Kath Soucie .... Shock (voice)
  • Jeff Bennett .... Barrel (voice)
  • Johnny Depp .... Captain Jack Sparrow (voice)
  • Keira Knightley .... Elizabeth Swann (voice)
  • Orlando Bloom .... William Turner (voice)
  • Geoffrey Rush .... Captain Barbossa (voice)
  • Jodi Benson .... Ariel (voice)
  • Rob Paulsen .... Eric (voice)
  • Kenneth Mars .... King Triton (voice)
  • Pat Carroll .... Ursula (voice)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson .... Sebastian (voice)
  • Eli Russell Linnetz .... Flounder (voice)
  • Corey Burton .... Floatsen/Jetsem (voice)
  • Billy Zane .... Ansem/DiZ (voice)

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