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Rampage: Total Destruction

Platform(s): GameCube, PlayStation 2
Genre: Action
Publisher: Midway

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'Rampage: Total Destruction' (NGC/PS2) Monster Bios #3 - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on March 10, 2006 @ 5:00 a.m. PST

Rampage: Total Destruction offers a fresh take on an arcade classic complete with everyone's favorite monsters: George, Lizzie, and Ralph, along with a variety of new monsters to collect and play. Virtually everything in the environment can be damaged, broken, and utterly destroyed with plenty of hilarious results. Aided by power-ups, the Rampage: Total Destruction monsters are capable of acquiring a number of upgrades throughout the course of a single campaign. Players can annihilate cities all over the world in either one or two player mode in this reinvention of the Midway classic.

Get the Rampage: Total Destruction trailer off WP (10mb)

Rampage: Total Destruction is the next evolution in the Rampage series. While the game retains the core elements that made the Rampage series so popular – giant monsters, massive destruction and a humorous theme, new mechanics and play modes make Rampage: Total Destruction a unique gaming experience. With dozens of new monsters to collect and play, new levels of destruction, and an interactive 3D environment, Rampage: Total Destruction unleashes the chaos like never before.

Monster Bios #3 :

  • Kyle the Cyclops may not have much use for a pair of binoculars, but he certainly has his "eye" on the prize – total destruction! Singularly focused on destroying city block after city block in London, Kyle and his superior strength are tempered by his lack of speed – you wouldn't run very fast either if you had no depth perception!
  • When Rojo enters your city, you better hope you're ready for your own version of the Running FROM the Bull! Citizens of Chicago will be seeing red if they try and grab this bull by the horns. Rojo takes a while to get up to full speed, but once he does the city's going to be knee deep in Rojo's destruction!
  • Icky may lack teeth, but his quick movement, strong forepaws and sticky tongue make this prickly predator one to avoid. He's quick to knock down any British building that stands in his way just to get a taste of his favorite treat... cockroaches.
  • Your mom always told you to eat your vegetables – and now the plant world is about to have its revenge! Venus the Plant has jumped the pot and planted herself in Hong Kong, and she's hungry! Even with her massive head, Venus remains rooted to her one ambition – total destruction!
  • Wally goes absolutely hog–wild when he enters New York – "warts" up with that? His high health, bulging biceps and obvious good looks will raise your alert level to red. Once he visits, no one will welcome this warthog back.

The game is expected spring 2006, and will be be available for a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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