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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Management
Publisher: Matrix Games
Developer: Wintervalley Software

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'Maximum-Football' - v1.095 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 16, 2006 @ 2:52 p.m. PST

Primarily a coaching and management game, Maximum-Football is a robust North American Football game where you can change nearly every single aspect of the rules and features. Use Indoor, outdoor, Canadian, or American rules, or any combination thereof. Utilize the robust play editing system to create your own playbook specifically tailored for the team you drafted and trained in the pre-season. Compete in player run leagues and discover if you have what it takes for a championship ring. It isn’t just managing every aspect of a team though, Maximum-Football also features fully functional 3D coaching and arcade mode where you can watch the action or take the controls to run, pass, block, and tackle.

Get the Maximum-Football v1.095 patch off WP (4mb)


1. Fixed RTE when you create a team with missing values.
2. Fixed a hanging situation with new teams. If you created a new team, then tried to directly play a quick play game with that new team (before generating rosters for it) the game would hang. Now, if you attempt to use a brand new team for the first time with no roster, a simple roster will be generated and a basic depth chart setup.
3. Corrected several problems with the penalties. Penalties should no longer be able to cause players to line up in the end zone.
4. Reworked the random name generator so it's much faster and more random.
5. Clock properly stops on 3rd down incomplete passes.
6. Quick play games have been restricted to force the players on the field to match the chosen playbook. This should eliminate a number of errors caused by quick play settings not matching the chosen league and playbook.
7. Free agent generation for new leagues is based on position now.
8. The default draft for the 65 man roster was including far too many QBs. This could cause problems in draft mode and training camp. The 65 man default draft has been corrected to prevent this.
9. Forced penalties now properly show where the ball will be placed.
10. Fixed a bug that would see defunct teams actually take part in a draft. This could cause a valid team to not take place in the drafe (even though listed) and allow the valid team to get to training camp with no players as a result.
11. Increased the interception chance slightly
12. Changed the Play Development System (PDS) so that when practicing, only leagues/teams that match the MaxPlayers for the play you are building are displayed. For example, if you are designing a 12 man play, only leagues/teams designed for 12 men will be available.
13. A memory leak issue related to the 3D engine was addressed. This should reduce or eliminate slowdowns on low-memory systems during the 3rd and 4th quarters of a 3D game.
14. Teams now properly show up in the utilities.
15. If you score as the quarter clock expires, the game will no longer force you to kick off. The quarter now just ends.
16. Changed the way multiple leagues are loaded into the game. Leagues are now loaded based on file existence only. So to import a league into your game, simply copy the league files into the proper location. To remove a league, simple remove those files.
17. Adjusted the fair catch so that a player does a better job of only calling a fair catch if there are threats near by (within 15 yards or so).
18. Fixed a bug with sim games that would only show the ball placed at centre field.
19. Fixed a bug with using the mouse to select plays when the play selection window did not contain four preview images.
20. Added the 12 minute quarter option to the utility league dialog.
21. Kickoffs now properly occur for the 2nd half
22. If a field goal, within the 20 yardline is missed, it's brought to the 20 yardline. This is only applicable if live field goals is turned off. If live field goals are turned on, then a missed field goal results in a kick off (as per Canadian rules)
23. Upped the chance of hitting a field goal by lowering the FieldGoalThreshold in the maindata.mdb file.
24. In response to player requests, changed the angle of field goal kicks to fall between 40 and 45 degrees. Previously it was 35 to 42. According to the book "The Physics of Football" an average field goal (and kick off) is kicked at 38 degrees, so the game may be a bit high now.
25. Upped the chance of a fumble.
26. Fixed a bug with play selection with the mouse that would cause an error message if clicked on a 'blank spot' in the play listing.
27. Upped the base agility a little bit in the maindata.mdb file. The result should be less 'stuck in the mud' player acceleration.

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