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Bowl Bound College Football

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Management
Publisher: Grey Dog Software
Developer: Warholic Creative

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'Bowl Bound College Football' - v1.1 Update Available NOW

by Rainier on March 29, 2006 @ 3:25 p.m. PST

Grab your playbook and prepare to challenge your football knowledge in Bowl Bound College Football, an in-depth recruiting process, an inntuitive, streamlined interface, and the most thorough AI to meet sport management sims.

Get the Bowl Bound College Football v1.1 Patch off WP (35mb)

Here's a list of the v1.1 changes:

Player Editor

-Added an in-game player editor.
-Added the ability to import a separate save game for use as a roster base for a new league.


-Added a “Team Commits” report found in the offseason tab (recruiting section). This report shows a list of all the players that have committed to the selected school with some extra info.
-Modified team info report to include more team stats and national ranking in those stats.
-Added a new league homepage with a left-hand menu and the ability to create an entire website.
-Added reports for GDCS, CPU and RPI, polls, standings, results, league leaders, weekly leaders, standings, assistant coach list, transfer player lists, recruits (by region) and records.
-Add "update team reports" menu option under the Options tab.
-Add "update player cards" menu option under the Options tab.
-Add "update record reports" menu option under the Options tab.

Other Additions

-Made coach prestige dynamic and have it change each season based on numerous factors including recruiting, performance and meeting board expectations. This value will help or hurt you when recruiting. All coaches default to "50" to start a career.
-Added a prestige slider to change the rate at which prestige changes (ranging from Very Low to Very High). This also impacts the coach prestige.
-Added game, season and career records for the league, conferences and individual teams. You can see them from the "Options" tab.
-Added the ability to switch user teams from the options tab in a single-player game.
-Added the ability to modify team prestige during the season from the options tab.
-Changed post-game email to be more "gridlike" and less verbose
-Changed the recruit interest email to be more "gridlike" and less verbose
-Added Points allowed, Passing TD allowed, rushing TD allowed and point differential to team stats leaderboard
-Added option to autosave after each stage on game options screen
-Adjusted the player development process to involve an "in-season" aspect. Actual player ratings will not change in season, but younger player will start to play more consistent as they get more games under their belt. I also made the amount of time played inseason even more important for the development of players.
-Changed the Multiplayer Commish screen to now store the names of human owners entered as the head coach for that team.
-Adjusted the coach file import process to just mention a bad team import and continue, instead of exiting when it encountered one.
-Adjusted the AI to do a better job of filling in games for user teams with remaining schedule slots after the final scheduling week in multiplayer games.

Tweaks and fixes

-Fix polls to be more realistic
-Redid the overall poll logic
-Adjusted late-season poll logic.
-Modified polls to not penalize losers in weeks 16 (conf champ games).
-Modified polls to only run from weeks 1-16 and week 21.
-Fix PBP plays from differing from what is called by user.
-Changed PBP to avoid stating things like "gain of a few yards" when there was no gain on the play.
-Modified the starting player age for freshmen and recruits to be a little younger.
-Added some additional messaging if a gameplan doesn’t add up to 100% (it lists the situation that fails now).
-Fixed an issue that sometimes had negative recruit budget values when the AI ran your team.
-Toned down font white-level on most screens
-Fixed an issue in later careers (50+ seasons) where the archive may not have worked properly
-Improved the speed of the archive for later careers
-Fixed some more RTEs in the history, season and PBP
-Add in "cheaper" coordinators as seasons go on
-Fixed some PBP bugs (blocked punts, odd yardage situations and some weird text in cases).
-Adjusted end of season grades to be more realistic.
-Adjusted recruit distributions (Midwest and west too good, some other tweaks).
-Adjusted overall recruit ranking distribution
-Adjustments to the recruiting and transfer process
-Changed save backup to use folder and not .old files (makes for easier restore)
-Redo spread calculation to be more realistic and less random
-Adjust engine to remove the "randomness" feel in some games
-Adjust engine to give more of a penalty to teams that run a play to the direction of a blitz
-Other engine adjustments based on feedback

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