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CDV and Ascaron Will Publish Each Other's Titles

by Rainier on March 3, 2006 @ 9:13 a.m. PST

CDV has entered into a publishing agreement with Ascaron to publish Ascaron titles (Tortuga: Two Treasures and Darkstar One) in North America in 2006. As part of the agreement, Ascaron will likewise represent CDV titles in the United Kingdom.

Roger Swindells, UK Managing Director for Ascaron said, "This is an exciting deal for us, we have increased our internal resources and expanded our portfolio over the last four years as we look forward to the continuing growth and development of our business, with particular emphasis on growth in North America."

Tom Gross, CEO and President of CDV Software Entertainment USA, added,"We are delighted to be working with Ascaron as a partner. The reciprocal agreement allows us to publish our titles more effectively in the UK and provides CDV with access to additional high quality product for our North American and international customers."

The first two titles CDV will publish as part of the agreement are:

Tortuga - Two Treasures:

Scheduled for a summer 2006 release, the action adventure Tortuga - Two Treasures will have players setting sail as pirate captains in search of action, adventure and of course, treasure. The game tells the story of the young swashbuckler Thomas `Hawk' Blythe, a pirate in the employ of the sinister Blackbeard. After Hawk is captured and betrayed, a dramatic battle for power, romance, treasure and truth commences beneath the Jolly Roger. Two Treasures features epic land and naval battles, featuring everything from sword fights to cannon-battles.

Darkstar One:

Darkstar One is a space-based action adventure title that will deliver fast-paced action within a vast and authentic universe. As Kayron Jarvis, the youthful commander of the Darkstar One, players will explore the immenseness of space, encountering a variety of aliens, both friend and foe. A deep story will immerse players in the adventures of Kayron and the Darkstar One as they aim to bring peace back to their galaxy. Game play will adapt dynamically to the player's preferences and allow both tactical and strategic decision-making to overcome the myriad of challenges presented. Darkstar One is set to ship in North American in September 2006.

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