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Evolution GT

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Black Bean
Developer: Milestone

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'Evolution GT' (PS2/PC) Goes Gold

by Rainier on April 11, 2006 @ 6:53 a.m. PDT

Evolution GT is the racing game that gives you the opportunity to truly take on the persona of a race driver and manage the evolution of this role throughout his career. From city races in London, Berlin and Barcelona, to the temples of speed Hockenheim, Laguna Seca and Donnington, each and every inch of the tarmac will be decisive for your great triumph!

The title fuses an immensely detailed physics and handling engine with the ability to modify your driver's skills and equipment. With impressive graphics, fantastic AI and a real sense of speed Evolution GT is sure to cross the finish line in first place.

"We are extremely pleased to be bringing this title to market. It is basically a drivers dream and has something to offer everybody." Said Marco Minoli, Black Bean's Marketing Director. "With all the unique features Evolution GT really stands out and provides an experience not to be missed."

"One thing we are really proud of is the AI" Commented David Halse, Black Bean's UK PR Manager. "It is aggressive and wants to win just as much as the player does. No longer will you see neat queues rolling round the track, these guys are real racers with individual personalities and driving styles!"

Evolution GT launches across Europe in May 2006 on PlayStation 2 and PC. This is no simulation… Be the Driver!

Features :

  • 35 fully licenced and destructible cars from some of the best manufacturers in the world including Audi, TVR, Pagani, Renault and Opal
  • Incredibly detailed physics and handling with wet and dry conditions
  • Advanced AI who will do anything to win and advance in skill as the player does
  • 28 tracks including the famous Donington Park, Laguna Seca and Hockenhiem. Also city tracks like London and Berlin
  • Career mode with driver development system where players advance the skill of their driver by gaining experience points
  • Challenge mode to push players skills to the limit!
  • Win and use extra equipment to increase your drivers skill levels for the next race
  • Unique features like slipstreaming and a time slip feature where players have the ability to avoid accidents before they happen!
  • Split screen action

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