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'Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege' Coming to North America - Screens

by Rainier on April 12, 2006 @ 9:34 a.m. PDT

Cinemaware Marquee announced that it has signed Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege for North American distribution. Moscow to Berlin plunges the player into the most intense battles of the Easter Front.

Be a part of history as Nazi Germany breaks its pact with the Soviet Union. Experience the thrust towards Moscow stopped cold by the deadly Russian winter. Break the siege on Stalingrad. Face the terrifying Stalin's Organ and the monstrous Elephant tank. Call in the IL2 Sturmovik to halt the German tanks in their tracks. Finally, march into Berlin to take the Brandenburg gate and declare victory.

Moscow to Berlin lets the player experience the Eastern Front from both the Russian and the German perspectives. Prepare for the most challenging, and thrilling, tank battles of our time.

"Cinemaware Marquee is proud to partner with Monte Cristo to bring Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege to gamers in North America," said Lars Batista, Vice President, Product Development of eGames. “This is truly the most captivating real-time strategy game of the year.”

“We have created a pick-up-and-play RTS that is all about action,” said St├ęphane Grand Chavin, International Sales Manager of Monte Cristo. “We look forward to having gamers experience a unique take on classic RTS gameplay - fans of the genre in the U.S. and Canada will love it.”

Features :

  • Realistic modern warfare techniques
  • 20 single-player + 10 multiplayer maps
  • 80 units, 15 specific to the Eastern Front: the IL2 Sturmovik, the Katyusha rocket launcher, the T-34, the Elephant, KV-1 heavy tank, ISU 122 heavy assault gun ...

Moscow to Berlin: Red Siege will be available for $29.99 in June everywhere games are sold. As an added bonus, the game will include an exclusive poster and collectible dog tag.

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