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'Sphere: Dreamland' Announced

by Rainier on April 14, 2006 @ 3:32 a.m. PDT

While the original Sphere title is not available anywhere outside Russia, Nikita today announces Sphere: Dreamland, a new add-on offering users new opportunities, a new continent, monsters, an entire system of islands that the player can purchase, updated graphics, etc..

Among the innovations are completely renewed graphics, special statistics, new monsters, expanded trade opportunities, and what not. Special magical artifacts and an opportunity to change some character properties will become a pleasant surprise for users.

A new city, Anhelm, has been created on Rhodes, as well as five castles of different levels. All city structures and interiors of buildings have been transformed completely, and game landscapes have changed. Gorgeous interiors, the decoration of numerous city structures, and other graphical innovations make the new continent considerably different from the others and kingly.

Private property has for the first time been introduced to the Sphere universe. Islands purchased by players have ten development levels. When a new level is achieved, the player's domain expands noticeably, the size and looks of the house change, and new park structures appear. Buying lands, the player becomes the owner of a small residence. In the future, it is transformed into a king's palace with halls and rooms to which the player can invite his or her friends who have the new add-on. At the maximum development level, the owner of an island will have a personal place for rebirth of monsters, a workshop, and an alchemical furnace.

Owners of Sphere: Dreamlands can change the occupation of their characters and their appearance or reset game elementals. Every owner of the add-on will have a special trade license to guarantee them a place in the marketplace regardless of how much it is occupied. An increased number of trade windows enable them to offer twice as many goods for sale.

Expanded statistics show the owner of Sphere: Dreamlands information about the number of monsters killed and personal rating based on results of combats between players. Each user will have a special artefact for their game character – a Rhodes Helmet. Lump-sum payment of an account for longer than three months gives the dwellers of the Dreamlands a spell increasing the speed of movement.

Sphere: Dreamlands comes in DVD format. Besides the new add-on, Dreamlands, the disk contains the game Sphere with all updates and the project's version for portable platforms. In addition, buyers are given a colourful poster with a detailed map of the world of Sphere and a theme calendar for 2006.

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