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'Refuse: Home, Sweep Home!' - English Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 14, 2006 @ 9:05 a.m. PDT

Refuse. Home, Sweep Home! is a 3D third-person tactical shooter about a confrontation between two groups of the toy soldiers with brand new types of weapon, where you fall into the small world of toys, and see all things by the "toy-eye." This English demo allows you to try two missions.

Get the Refuse Home Sweep Home! English demo off WP (65mb)

"REFUSE" - is the story about a confrontation between two groups of the toy soldiers, that fell a victim of the unlucky hackers. The whole world is threatened with big danger again. The soldiers-freaks offended by the fact that they were named like refuse and were condemned to the recycle process, set themselves a task: to destroy the world and punish everybody for this universal injustice. Right away after they got out from the box with the big label "REFUSE" they made a big massacre at the factory where they were made. Who will stand against the refusers? Only three good and brave soldiers from the set "The Special Forces" survived in the big mess able to prevent the end of the world. The main game action take place in a desert house, were the refusers founded their headquarters and forces. The process of cloning freak-soldiers is started. Toys begin not toy war.

The genre of the game is third-person tactical shooter. The game is distinguished by the interactive 3D environment, original and brand new types of weapon, and the major feature like unusual setting: a gamer falls into small world of toys, and see all things by the "toy-eye". Because for the small soldiers the carpet seems like a wide field, the wardrobe turns into the inaccessible rock and the books are the safe shelter. The parts of environment and home furniture were carefully modeled and most of it can be interacted by gamer.

Game Features:

  • Unusual setting. Battle of the small toy soldiers in a huge house.
  • Interactive environment. You have to use environment items to accomplish mission's objectives.
  • Realistic physics. Air-blasts, multiple ricochets, moving items, toy cars and balls, destroyable toy constructions.
  • Unusual weapon use and aiming technique. Now you have to take the aims most accurate, but not just disorderly firing.
  • Three controllable characters of various military specialties with unique capabilities.
  • "Realistic" toy damage system. Character continues fighting even without most of its parts: arms and legs. Lost parts can be collected and glued back.
  • Additional equipment. Binoculars, parachutes, balloons, climber equipment.
  • Team play. Wide tactical possibilities, three modes of character behavior.

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