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'Pirates of the XXI Century' - 17 New Screens

by Rainier on April 27, 2006 @ 3:14 a.m. PDT

Pirates of the XXI Century is a new FPS that revolves around modern day sea pirates with action taking place on load, air, sea and even underwater. You will be able to play as either a member of Hong Kong’s triads, modern day pirate or soldier of US Special Forces and have use of about 30 weapons.

What player gets:

  • Blockbusting storyline, which however allows gamer spend lots of time exploring outward things.
  • Near 30 types of weapon, including special ones for underwater operations.
  • A lot of underwater, marine, ground and air transport.
  • Chance to join the story as a member of Hong Kong’s triads, nowadays pirates or soldiers of US Special Forces.
  • Huge unified playing level, interactive environment.
  • Swimming, crawling, quadrupeds and the most dangerous, two-legged predators.
  • Serious and redoubtable AI opponents.

Game Engine Data.

3D engine: Monstrator
Developer: DIOsoft
Operating systems supported: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Graphic API: OpenGL
Programming language: C++


  • Applicability for open and closed spaces.
  • Hi-detailed graphic using all the features of the cutting edge video-cards (nVidia GeForce 6800 and ATI X800).
  • High detailed objects and textures.
  • Dynamic reflection of all environments from the water surface.
  • Three-dimensional sound, using EAX 4.0 effects from Creative Labs.
  • Special mode for the underwater representation.
  • Dynamic shadows only.
  • Realistic physical modeling for all object types.
  • Real-time physics with solid body dynamics.
  • Inertia, acceleration, damping and application of force.

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