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Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox
Developer: Paradox

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'Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday' - v1.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 4, 2006 @ 9:01 a.m. PDT

Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday is a stand-alone expansion pack for their strategy title Hearts of Iron II. The expansion will include the original game and boasts a World War III scenario, a complete scenario editor as well as an extended time line.

Get the Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday v1.1 patch off WP (5mb)

Changes for 1.1

Gameplay Balancing

- Tweaked formula for calculating how much can be convoyed on a given amount of transports.
- Changed auto convoy code so it evens out shipping better between days
- Autoslider overproduced supplies, this will no longer happen.
- Auto sliders will now allow you to run deficits in supply and money if you have enough of them and has prioritized production
- Reduced chance of getting terrain specific combat traits.
- The cost of doing intelligence actions will now depends of the size of the country. This is implemented the same way as in diplomacy action.
- Dissallowed trading away units given as expiditionary forces
- Rewrote development (production) system to avoid bugs with finishdates changing alot even late in developments.
- Improved distribution of convoys when scarce.
- Autoproduction prioritizes money when negative, reducing dissent overrides building supply stockpile
- Changed so indirect approach minister gives bonus instead of penalty for building transport/destroyer
- Developments that havent started to be built doesnt use supply
- Summary Global manipulation no longer always succeeds.
- Smear campaign mission should now work correctly
- Tool tip for attrition displayed should now display the correct value.
- It is no longer possible to build level 2 nuclear reactor with tech for only level 1.
- Players can no longer demand units from non-allied countries in the open negotiation screen.
- Now the auto trade only make proposals two days a week,
- Fixed a problem with occupying allies territories sometimes when attacking adjacent to their territory.
- Reduced naval experience gain.
- IC sliders are now update when a production is started or cancelled
- There is no longer possible to perform an airborne assault with low org.
- Sometime when you found partisans you will not see any effect. This is caused by a province can have a negative revolt risk that is not displayed to the user.
- Only one leader per battle can gain a leader trait.
- Divisions “sea transported” no longer looses 50% org.
- Players will now loose a spy when counter espionage fails.

AI Improvements

- Improved auto-leader assignment to behave better.
- Fixed problem with AI "forgetting" about some divisions after invasions
- AI will no longer swap divisions around between units indefinitly.
- Improved AI's handling of creating large fleet formations.
- Improved AI setting up ASW fleets.
- Fixed auto and ai trader which sometimes created strange deals.
- AI now assembles invasion shipping somewhat faster and with less risk of aborts
- Added research priorities for escort figher, escort carrier for many countries.
- Added AI spy priorities for many countries.
- Added new AI for 1945 scenario.
- Fixed bug in garrison AI moving around wrong number of troops
- Made transport ai keep somewhat less escorts with transport fleets
- New ai file parameter max_staging_distance, controls the maximum distance from a staging province the ai can do invasions. Defafault 10, suggested use is to keep it at 10 or lower while setting the old max_distance parameter high for any country that is supposed to do invasions worldwide
- Added min_core_attack_fleets for England.
- Increased invasion max_distance for USA.
- New ai file parameter min_core_attack_fleets, sets how many attack fleets (usually >15 ships) that a nation have to keep close to home, default 0
- Fixed some more stuff to do with invasions
- The AI should no longer unload nukes and change mission.
- The AI should no longer do spy actions I allied countries.
- The AI no longer ignores nuclear reactors for installation strikes
- All AI countries had their air threshold raised to 80/80
- JAP min attack fleets raised from 2 to 3
- JAP min CORE province attack fleets raised from 0 to 1
- USA min attack fleets raised from 3 to 4
- USA min CORE province attack fleets raised from 0 to 1
- HUN neutrality raised to 150
- HUN had new conditions added to lower his neutrality, Germany partitions CZE with HUN
- CHI Industry to the interior event redone into several events
- JAP had some garrison and front changes when he attacks CHI


- Fixed problem with handsoff cheat not always stopping all pauses
- Removed some inconsitencies with Escort Carriers.
- There is no longer a CTD when coup’ing nations that isn’t member of an alliance.
- Succesfully delay tech team popup and history log should now be correct.
- Generals can no longer get the trait "unknown string wanted".
- When you do an assassinate minister action you will now always get a popup.
- Fixed a problem with ban from alliance.
- Fixed CTD when giving units in multiplayer
- Improved a few messages.
- Fixed ctd when country selected in spy screen was annexed.
- Fixed exploit with assigning brigades to wrong unit type
- Fixed serial productions of province improvements only using manpower for first building
- Steal blueprint should now work correctly.
- Now the player will get a popup when lost a minister to an assassination
- Intel: A discovered "Send spy" mission now gives no popup for the receiving nation
- The text in end screen after a finish victory in the winter war is now correct.
- The bug where the users get a message that he had performed a spy action the he hasn’t ordered should now be fixed.
- The game should no longer crash when you annex UK as Gremany
- Send spy and counter espionage popups will no longer be showed for country that isn’t affected by the actions.
- The CTD when leader died should now be gone.
- Puppets should no longer leave alliance at reload.
- The rank icon will nolonger be buged for noname leaders.
- Global manipulation should now work correctly.
- Sabotage industry should no longer give strange messages.
- The ai should now perform counter espionage.
- Disbanding a brigade should no longer cause a CTD.


- Changed tech fields for Mao
- Imp turbojet tac bomber uses one rocket component
- Changed event 971 to check for vichy owning Martinique
- Changed prerequesites for turbojet cag
- Changed tech component types in escort carriers and practical turbojet engine
- CAGs can now only be attached to carriers.
- Reduced probability of japan choosing option b in pearl harbour event
- Revised and tweaked a few technology teams.
- Basic Centimetric Radar Warning Sites (5440) now have radar_eff value = 15.
- The republicans will no longer win all the time in the Spanish civil war.
- Revised end dates in revolt database.

Scenario Setup

- Corrected tech setup for Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
- Added a supplydepot to Shantou.
- Revised locations for Japanese Garrions.

- Corrected tech setup for Communist China.

- Gave blueprint 1240 to Germanu
- Corrected model of HMAS Australia and Canberra
- Corrected tech setup for Canada, Communist China, New Zealand and Australia.
- Added supply depots to Japan and tweaked their garrison and CVE setup.

- Corrected tech setup for Communist China and Japan.

- Corrected tech setup for Portugal, USA, Japan, Germany and Liberia.
- Revised bomber and escort setup for UK and USA.
- Changed ownership between Peru and Ecuador on a certain province.

- Removed a supply depot in Frankfurt in 1945, to make sure the oil and supply is traced from Bremen.
- Changed ownership between Peru and Ecuador on a certain province.
- Revised bomber and escort setup for UK and USA.
- Bornholm is now occupied by Soviets.
- Removed US IC bonus.
- Corrected SOV-POL and SOV-CZE borders
- Revised EXP of all soviet divisions.
- Corrected tech setup for a large amount of countries.

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