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Cinemaware Revamps Legendary Titles

by Rainier on May 12, 2006 @ 8:09 a.m. PDT

Cinemaware today announced an initiative to give legendary titles, like Defender of the Crown, new life as part of Cinemaware Classics by melding a captivating storyline with the grand cinematic experience that differentiated the original Cinemaware game properties.

“Cinemaware pioneered many of the concepts that are commonplace in today’s videogames,” said Lars Batista, Vice President, Product Development of eGames/Cinemaware. “I think anyone who played games in the 80’s has fond and vivid memories of the Cinemaware games. Our goal here is to rekindle that relationship by offering new adventures and gameplay by expanding on and modernizing those original ideas recognized today as game industry classics.”

Cinemaware Classics will be based on Cinemaware’s award-winning catalogue like Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown, Defender of the Crown, SDI, The Three Stooges, The King of Chicago, Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, Rocket Ranger, Lords of the Rising Sun, It Came from the Desert, Wings and the TV Sports franchises. This groundbreaking product line was extremely original and distinct. The Cinemaware formula mixed broadly appealing themes with accessible and highly rewarding gameplay, presented in grand cinematic style. Cinemaware consistently delivered this same quality in each of its products.

Cinemaware Classics will be created from the ground up, incorporating many of the most popular genres within each game such as strategy, action, and role-playing and will employ the latest in animation and graphics. The goal is to build upon these legendary game properties by developing an almost endless catalog of new episodes, adding logical extensions where appropriate, and providing memorable experiences much like the first time you saved the princess in Defender of the Crown. Developed for the Internet and PC initially, Cinemaware Classics will each be stand-alone experiences providing hours of enjoyment.

The first two titles are planned for release in early 2007 and will be Defender of the Crown and one other yet-to-be-named game from the Cinemaware catalogue.

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