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Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Message Center

by Rainier on May 2, 2006 @ 5:34 p.m. PDT

Earlier today and Microsoft's online multiplayer service Xbox Live were down for maintenance and a possible upgrade. Now that the downtime is over, Microsoft introduces us to its newest features, My Xbox Message Center, which allows you to send msg's to other Xbox Live members via your PC.

In our unending quest to give our Xbox Live members more of what they are asking for, we hereby unveil the My Xbox Message Center. Exactly what you've been requesting!

Here's the story on the coolness that is Message Center.

  • All My Xbox users (Xbox Live Silver and Gold users as well as those who just signed up here on can now read text messages in the My Xbox Message Center. So someone can send you a message from their Xbox 360™ console and you can read it on your PC.
  • Xbox Live Gold members can compose and send messages in the My Xbox Message Center. The character limit is the same as on the Xbox 360 console: 250 characters.
  • Xbox Live Gold members can send messages (up to 200 per day) to gamers who are on their friends list.
  • Xbox Live Gold members can send messages (up to 25 per day) to other gamers not on their friends list.
  • All My Xbox users can block communications with other gamers. Designate a gamertag as blocked and you won't get any more messages from them. Change your mind? Unblock a gamer simply by sending them a message.

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