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'Ultimate Baseball Online 2006' Pay-to-Play Tournament

by Rainier on May 22, 2006 @ 3:50 p.m. PDT

Netamin today announced its first pay-to-play tournament and the launch of Tournaments PRO, where teams compete for cash and other prizes. The inaugural Tournaments PRO event, $5 entry fee, will award each member of the winning team with a PSP.

Ultimate Baseball Online 2006 is a technological innovation which lets sports fans and gamers play a virtual version of baseball in a real-time environment on any PC with a broadband connection. UBO delivers a first-person perspective online sports experience as human players form teams to compete against other teams in real-time. UBO players can compete in tournaments to win cash and other valuable prizes.

In Ultimate Baseball Online, players create their own characters, and gain experience for every game they play. When their character "levels up," they get points that they can use to increase their character's abilities in areas such as running speed, throwing power, batting power, etc. Unlike traditional baseball video games, UBO lets players play with teammates - everyone sees the game from their own character's first-person perspective. And just as in baseball, team communication (team chat) is essential for success on the field.

Tournament Details:

To be invited to the PSP Invitational, teams must first win any one of the qualifying rounds being played the week of June 5-11. Up to 16 teams will come out on top of the qualifying rounds. Each of the winning teams will be invited to play in the PSP Invitational, which runs Tuesday through Friday, June 13-16.

To register, visit the Tournament tab on and go to Tournaments PRO. For ONLY $5 per player, each 5-man team will be competing for his or her chance at a PSP system; each confirmed registrant will also receive a newly-designed UBO 2006 t-shirt just for signing up!

Each qualifying round will use an 8-team single-elimination bracket. The top teams from all the qualifying rounds will then be invited to play for the PSP systems in the open invitational. Follow all the action in the Tournament News section of the as each round will have game summaries and write-ups.

Players may only register once for each qualifying round, but may register for a second qualifying round if they do not win on their first go. Each additional qualifying registration requires a separate entry fee.

Players seeking a team affiliation can post a notice on the UBO forum, available through the website or by going to;f=14 .

Winning members of the qualifying rounds may not add or change their team rosters for the invitational and agree to the invitational schedule upon successful registration.

* All tournament prize and player eligibility rules apply and can be found under tournament rules on

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