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Xbox 360 Spring Update Coming Next Week

by Rainier on May 26, 2006 @ 3:48 a.m. PDT

It has been much talked about, especially over the past few days, and it finally seems to be taking shape. A new Xbox 360 update is scheduled to take effect in the next week and will include the highly anticipated background downloading, boot to the dash option, a much-improved Marketplace, DVD playback tweaks, as well as various other new features and enhancements.

Active Download

This article describes the Active Download feature that is available in the Xbox Live Marketplace. With the spring auto-update of the Xbox Live service scheduled for May 23, 2006, you will have access to the Active Download feature in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

With an active downloads list, you receive the following benefits:

Each item that you download is downloaded separately in the background. This lets you continue to use the console while you download an item.

You can stream music, play DVDs or CDs, play arcade titles, and play games while you download an item from the marketplace.

If you start to play an online game, the download is automatically paused while you play the game to help prevent game lag because of network congestion. This helps you receive the best online gaming experience that the network can provide.

All downloads are associated with your profile. If a download is paused or if the download is interrupted, the download will resume the next time that you connect to Xbox Live.

You can add items to the active downloads list at any time by selecting more items from the marketplace.

You will receive a notification in the Xbox Guide when an item starts to download and when the download is completed. You will also receive a notification if the download fails.

DVD Playback

This article describes how to play DVD movies on an Xbox 360 console. You do not require any special software downloads or hardware attachments to play DVDs on an Xbox 360 console. You can play DVDs on an Xbox 360 console immediately.

The Xbox 360 console uses a “bookmark” feature. The bookmark feature enables the console to remember the point where you stopped and ejected the last DVD movie that you played. Therefore, when you re-insert and then restart the DVD, the DVD will continue from that bookmark point. To clear the bookmark for a particular DVD, insert a different DVD.

Note: You cannot turn off the bookmark feature.

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