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Grotesque: Heroes Hunted

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Silent Dreams
Release Date: Canceled

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'Grotesque: Heroes Hunted' - Game Story & Features

by Rainier on May 3, 2006 @ 1:18 a.m. PDT

Grotesque is an adventure/RPG from German developer Silent Dreams and promises to be an original blend of traditional fantasy RPG (like Gothic, Fable, Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment) and sarcastic humor with adventure elements along the lines of Monkey Island.

Pleased to be signing "Grotesque - Hunted Heroes" , MD of Schanz International Consultants, Gerhard Schanz says: "The unique and innovative concept of Grotesque as an RPG parody with its advanced technology, will tickle every fan of the RPG genre!"

Rayk Kerstan, co-founder of Silent Dreams comments: "Silent Dreams team is looking forward to a most exciting and fruitful co-operation with Schanz International Consultants pertaining to the commercialization of our newest RPG, "Grotesque". Due to their knowledge and expertise, as well as successful market entries in entertainment software business, inter-facing with the staff of Schanz International is a real pleasure and motivating experience already"

"Grotesque - Hunted Heroes" will be a trend setter among the fantasy games all over the world because each RPG fan will find his alter ego in Grotesque. The entertaining role game features a diversified game play and an enthralling story line, and, last but not least, an outstanding technique. Silent Dreams has focused particularly on the accuracy of the charismatic characters, which are displayed in a brilliant quality.

As the strength of the light and myrmidons of the evil ones once again joined in the war in the year 1133, in order to bring about an all-deciding slaughter, the gigantic masses, however, exterminated each other.
Now – in the time of reorientation, the chaos and the anarchy, many adventurers, mercenaries, false prophets and the chosen ones entered the world to try their luck. Even Roger Sun is very suddenly drawn into the world of Grotesque by an unknown force.
A man from the present, who is really a metal fan, and plays pen and paper and live rôles.
As he becomes aware that he has lapsed into the typical rôle play of a case of amnesia, is only wearing few clothes and has somehow become more muscular, he knows that he must be the only true chosen one. He is absolutely determined to rescue the world, a beautiful princess or at least some important looking person.
But who are these psychopathic, French speaking vampires that are chasing Roger. What are these sugary voices that speak to him and why has a bounty been set on his head, which is making a lot of people rather aggressive?

Grotesque is not any computer game…
Grotesque is no worldly RPG,
Grotesque is the reality and it is much more challenging that anything an RPG fan has ever believed possible…

Expect the Unexpected

Features :

  • Innovative, new RPG-Adventure Genre
  • Atmospheric and varied State of the Art 3D-Graphics in a style all of their own.
  • The original story with its cult characters distinguishes itself from all other RPG’s.
  • A story full of changes and surprises, which sweeps you along, and a strand of plot that motivates.
  • Takes a jab against many well known RPG’s and films.
  • Thrilling, strategic combat system that provides entertainment all the way through with its multitude of skills and actions intensive to the story.
  • Spectacular camera tracking shots underline the action packed animations.
  • Entertaining, amusing conversations and puzzles that remind one of an adventure classic such as “Monkey Island”.
  • Charismatic, striking NPC’s with individual personalities and their own daily routines.
  • Three categories of career with different actions increase the motivation to play and play again Work your way up to hero, Samurai or metal master status.
  • Loves: the player can court some women and even get engaged, if he can make himself convincing enough.


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