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Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox
Developer: Paradox

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'Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday' - v1.2 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on May 30, 2006 @ 9:23 a.m. PDT

Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday is a stand-alone expansion pack for their strategy title Hearts of Iron II. The expansion will include the original game and boasts a World War III scenario, a complete scenario editor as well as an extended time line.

Get the Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday v1.2 patch off WP (7mb)

Changes for 1.2

Gameplay Balancing

- Added "volksturm" and "modern blitzkrieg" doctrines to the german land doctrine path.
- All leaders in a combat will gain XP.
- A doctrine can no longer be abandoned if the player is doing research in the same area.
- Air units should now properly stop doing re-running missions if low on org or str.
- Escort fighters now gives a range cap instead of minus range.
- Couping nations is no longer free.
- Trickleback Factor % has been changed


- Players can no longer change the building_cost.txt without a checksum change
- The multiplayer bug where players couldn't reload save games is now fixed.
- Minor optimisation of network protocol.
- The CTD when merging empty fleets is now fixed.
- Minor Bug fixes in several intelligence actions.
- The freeze when naval units have position 0 is now fixed.
- The Quit window is no longer in the back.
- Going to the auto-control screen no longer unlocks all production sliders.
- Fixed a problem with convoys not getting enough ships assigned to them.

AI Improvements

- Small tweak to ai_reactive.txt to let the AI build a bit more CV & CVL
- The AI should no longer give player controlled units "support defence" orders
- The AI file parmater for stop doing re-running missions is now loaded correctly


- Fixed the deathdate of South African tech team Jan Smuts to 1950
- Czechoslovakian general Vojcechovsky got his name fixed. Both the leader and the tech team got their death date fixed to 1951.
- Climate in 705 771 772 773 774 775 776 855 859 527 532 372 373 377 461 changed to Subarctic to better simulate mountaineous weather
- Fixed a swat of erroneously spelled minister traits
- Volksturm Doctrine now also gives a small bonus to urban defense for most units
- Hammerfest and Vardo are now 'extra' for Norway instead of 'minimum' because often NOR couldn't be released because of nations occupying either of these unimportant provinces
- CVL model 0 now gets 2 airdefence as opposed to 0
- Edited and added a few necessary tech teams for the 1953 enddate
- Semi-Modern Anti-Air Artillery brigade may now lead to the discovery of SAMs
- Advanced Air Transports may now lead to the discovery of Air Cav Divisions
- Province of Changde (1397) is now a potential extra for Manchukuo and Shanxi, not a minimum.
- Province of Bayan Nur (1439) is now a potential extra for Mengkukuo
- Techs Rear Area Supply Dumps and Deep Logistic Organisation now only give a 10% attrition mod instead of 15%. This to account for the added hospital techs.
- Changed tech component 16031 of tech 16030 (Intercontinetal Strategic Bomber) from aeronautics to rocketry
- Skill of USA's tech team Norfolk Naval Yard dropped to 8 from 9
- Scandinavian tech teams (tag SCA, not the regular Scandinavian countries tech teams) skills dropped by 1
- Climate of Elk City set to Subarctic (omission of before)
- Fixed an error where SAM could be revealed by Semi-Modern Anti-Air Artillery Brigade instead of Semi-Modern Static Anti-Air Artillery
- Fixed a command in land_doctrines_tech that gave an infantry bonus twice
- Historical year of Improved Turbojet CAS moved to 1947 (from 1945)
- Historical year of Air-to-Surface missile moved to 1951 (from 1942), since it requires Improved Turbojet CAS
- Practical Turbojet Engine may now reveal Attack Helicopters
- Slightly edited the minima & extra of the Arab Federation
- Added a few missing tech team pics to Mengkukuo
- Typo in db echland_doctrines_tech.txt at line 1402 is fixed.
- Macquarie Ridge (Province 2592) is now Sub Arctic


- Fixed USSR file for the Bitter Peace event with Japan Axis.
- Random Events 1000, 1010 & 1040 are now disable due to the fully functioning Intel system
- Fixed the deathdates in colonial_release.txt
- Added such events for the release of SCA by any major player to prevent exploits
- Fixed the deathdates for ai_revolters.txt (the free resources for revolters-events)
- Fixed the 'US assassinates Admiral Yamamoto' event so it sleeps the correct tech team
- Added 'persistent = yes' to the Nationalist China event to receive L-L aid from USA. The lack of this parameter prohibited the proper multiple triggering of the event
- The 'US Gearing up for War' event #58 now only moves interventionism 1 step to stop USA from entering the war too early
- Passing the Lend-Lease Act (EVT 3700) does not move the USA towards interventionism anymore.
- Having Practical Turbojet Engines is now a requirement for getting the Attack Helicopters Discovery event
- Martin Bormann should now properly become German HOG when Hess flees to the UK
- When Iraq switches sides again, former allies should properly lose military access now
- Fixed a bad trigger in the Italy Surrenders event
- Now that supplies can be traced through allies, Croatia gets back its normal provinces when released
- Added a death event for Andrew Jackson Higgins (USA)
- Romanian 'election' event 900073 should now put the proper cabinet in charge and not some Polish one (copy-paste error)
- Lend Lease Events fixed
- Added a death event for South African Jan C. Smuts (SAF)
- The USSR Great Purge now also kills of minister Alksnis (and not only the tech team by that name)
- Added a death event for Eleutherios Venizelos (GRE)
- Added a death event for Carl Mannerheim (FIN)

Scenario Setup

* 1936
- Revised Communist China land doctrines
* 1938
- Revised Communist China land doctrines
- Adjusted build times for capital ships in 38 scenario to allow for increased costs
- Adjusted carrier OOBs for 38 scenario to allow for light carriers
* 1939
- Added tech 4040 to ENG
- Removed tech 4200 from FRA
- Added a supply & oilpool to Shantou (1248)
* 1941
- Added German Escort fighters
- Gave the United Kingdom and the United States proper CVL techs
- Japan now has a CVL under constuction
- The United Kingdom now has some CVLs
- Japan now properly receives 8310 and 8320 as blueprints
* 1944
- Fixed Persian techs
- Fixed German techs
- The Malta Defense Force is no longer guarding Sunderland
- Gave Japan and the United Kingdom proper CVL techs
- Added a few CVL's to Japan, United Kingdom & United States
* 1945
- Fixed Etorofu IC
- Added Inventions to ENG and USA
- Added missing UK techs
- Fixed a few minister setup bugs (both DB and .inc based)
- Removed the duplicate CV BĂ©arn from France and fixed its name
- Added a host of AA, air bases, naval bases, radar stations and more to the German territories. They barely had anything before.
* Barbarossa:
- Corrected province setup
- Revised SU and GER oob setup

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