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Tuesday May 30, 2006 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on May 30, 2006 @ 3:04 p.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Hitman: Blood Money (PS2/Xbox/X360/PC)

Money talks, and silence pays... however today is not a day to remain silent because Hitman: Blood Money is shipping to retailers throughout North America today! The latest installment of the popular Hitman franchise is finally here, and the world’s deadliest assassin is ready to make a killing. Agent 47 comes equipped with some brand new moves and a full arsenal of upgradeable weaponry which puts the control in your hands, allowing you to determine the best way to make the hit. These new features coupled with the new Blood Money system, which allows characters in future missions to react to Agent 47 based on how well he stays out of the spotlight, guarantee that Hitman: Blood Money will be the best game that the franchise has seen yet!

In Hitman: Blood Money, Agent 47 finds himself in the midst of a war between two rival contract agencies. When assassins from his contract agency, the ICA, are systematically eliminated in a series of hits, it seems a larger, more powerful agency has entered the fray. Suddenly, Agent 47 loses contact with the ICA. Sensing that he may be the next target, he travels to America where he attempts to carry on with business as usual.


  • 'Blood Money' system - the cleaner the 'hit' the more money you receive which can be spent on reducing your notoriety, weapon customisation, specialist equipment and information.
  • Customisable weapons - modify Agent 47's custom weapons in a variety of ways including sound, recoil, rate of fire, damage, reload speed, accuracy and zoom.
  • Gripping narrative - who is wiping out the ICA and what is their motivation?
  • New engine - the world of the assassin has never been so interactive and looked so good!
  • New gameplay techniques - including distraction, accidents, body disposal, human shield, decoy weapons etc.
  • New control and camera system - Agent 47 now moves independently of the camera.
  • New moves - Agent 47 can now climb, hide, scale ledges and automatically pass low obstacles.
  • Improved AI - guards will follow blood trails, investigate suspicious items and behaviour. New pathfinder engine provides improved tracking and movement with realistic enemy behaviour and interaction.
  • Soundtrack by BAFTA-winning composer Jesper Kyd.

Rush for Berlin (PC)

"Rush for Berlin", the epic WWII RTS from Stormregion, has shipped to stores in North America. The title has a suggested retail price of $39.99 and has been rated Teen.

"Stormregion have brought new life into a beloved genre with the new and innovative features in "Rush for Berlin"" said Fredrik. W. Lindgren, Director of Publishing at Paradox Interactive. "We are very excited about bringing this title to the North American gaming community and encourage those unfamiliar with the game to try out the multiplayer demo that is widely available".

There are several levels to "Rush for Berlin" and these are some of the features included:

  • Players can follow the historical timeline or the alternative reality.
  • Time is used to measure the overall performance of the player as he advances from level to level and it is used to acquire reinforcements on a particular level.
  • Heroic officers have a special skills system.
  • 5 multiplayer modes, including the completely new modes, R.I.S.K and R.U.S.H.
  • Fully destructible buildings, graphical feedback on the landscape, structures and units on fire create an atmosphere comparable to the greatest war movies.
  • Highly detailed damage model allows partial loss of functionality and various attack strategies (e.g. attacking tanks from the rear). The computer opponent will react accordingly.
  • An even further developed graphics and game engine (GEPARD) delivers amazing pictures and creates an enveloping cinematic feel.

"Rush for Berlin" is also available now for direct download on

Players can access the multiplayer demo and find out more information about the official "Rush for Berlin" tournament with great prizes on the Rush for Berlin website .

City Life (PC)

CDV Software Entertainment USA is pleased to announce the release of City Life to North American retail today. City Life, a city building simulation developed by Monte Cristo, gives players the opportunity to build and manage a modern day metropolis in a fully 3D world. In the game, players will make decisions that will affect the lives of millions of citizens, for better or worse.

City Life takes the city building genre into the 21st century with a powerful 3D engine and an exciting variety of gameplay features. In the game, players will take on the role of urban planner and real estate developer, creating a metropolitan paradise from dozens of beautifully rendered structures – including elaborately crafted villas and ultra-modern skyscrapers. City Life comprises the full city building experience, requiring players to take into account the need for municipal services, education, entertainment and a complete infrastructure system while maintaining harmony between the game's six distinct social classes. The graphics engine features a level of detail unmatched in the genre, allowing players to walk the streets of their cities, or zoom out to multiple levels for a better view of the overall action. A custom map editor allows players to expand upon the 22 maps included with the game, creating near limitless replay value.

Race Driver 2006 (PC)

From the creators of the acclaimed TOCA Race Driver series, Race Driver 2006 delivers the most diverse range of racing events ever seen on the PSP system with more than 30 championships and two massive game modes - Career and TransWorld Cup.

Packed with more than 50 sensational racing machines from Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and more, each car in Race Driver 2005 showcases real performance physics and damage, and up to 21 cars can be on screen at once.

The world is a racetrack with Race Driver 2006 featuring 60 circuits spanning the globe including Gateway International Raceway, Nashville Superspeedway, Dover International Raceway, Bahrain International, Avignon, Shanghai International, Mondello Park, Spa-Francochamps, Snetterton, Mazda Laguna Seca, Surfers' Paradise, Pikes Peak International Raceway and many more.

Race Driver multiplayer action for up to a staggering 12 players simultaneously over wireless WLAN and multiplayer games via Game Share, enabling up to six players to enjoy fantastic WLAN racing from just one UMD.

Cramming in more auto sports than any other PSP system game, Race Driver 2006 delivers real performance cars, real damage, real physics, and intense pack racing with up to 21 cars on-screen competing for position. Providing gamers with the most diverse range of insanely fast racing events ever seen in one game, players get to compete in over 30 championships, covering over 15 different genres of motorsport including GT Sports Car Racing, Street Racing, Stockcar Oval Racing and much more.

Features :

  • Game Share - allowing up to four players to enjoy fantastic WLAN racing from just one UMD disc.
  • Up to 12-player WLAN play - the most players ever seen in a PSP system title.
  • Exclusive Championship mode - the Trans World Cup - race around the world competing in new event-based challenges with aim of becoming the world's best driver.
  • The Trans World Cup mode is specifically tailored to give quick accessible play in short bursts, making it perfect for gaming on the PSP system.
  • Master 60 exhilarating and authentic racetracks, including Laguna Seca, Pike's Peak, Road America and Nashville Super Speedway.
  • The game offers players over 50 sensational machines to race, including the Dodge Charger, Buick Gran Sport 455, Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 and the Koenig GT.
  • The most exciting and intense racing on the PSP system - race against up to 21 cars on track at one time.
  • Fantastic special effects - full environment maps, realistic damage effects, detailed particle systems and customizable soundtracks.

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