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Find What's Causing Your Lag With LagMeter

by Rainier on May 31, 2006 @ 11:26 a.m. PDT

LagMeter allows you to measures overall online PC game performance., qualifying the amount of Lag that the gamer experiences, and it also shows what is causing the Lag, the gaming PC, the network, or the gaming server, so you can finally understand where the problems reside.

The beta version of LagMeter is available today as a free download at The LagMeter technology was developed by Bigfoot Networks, a research and development company, focused on developing products that help reduce the effects of Lag in online game play.

“Hardcore gamers know that Lag can be caused by many different forces, and that Lag has no formal definition ­ it’s a term that gamers use to describe something bad that happens in an online game that is out of their control” said Harlan Beverly, CEO of Bigfoot Networks. “With LagMeter, gamers can quantify and narrow down the cause Lag in their favorite games.”

Bigfoot Networks invented LagMeter while studying the causes of Lag in online games. The company decided to release the tool to the public after reading all the forum posts at and across the Internet from gamers who want to know why they are Lagging. Gamers want to know if it is their system at fault, or if it is the Internet or the gaming server that is causing the problems.

“The toughest challenge is to quantify Lag in a meaningful metric that makes sense,” said Mr. Beverly. “LagMeter solves this by introducing a new metric, Lags per Minute (LPM), which is essentially the number of measurable Lag events in a minutes worth of game-play.”

In addition to displaying Lags per Minute, LagMeter also measures and displays more standard metrics that gamers are familiar with such as Frames-per-Second (FPS) and Ping. Also included in the software is an advanced configuration tab that allows the user to tailor exactly what is being measured based on which game they are playing or which network port or device is running the game.

Bigfoot Networks continues to sponsor both financially, and through technology development. The company continues to research the causes and effects of Lag and works to develop technologies and products for gamers, game developers and hardware manufacturers that will help alleviate the impact of Lag in online gaming.

The LagMeter application is available for free download at

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