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'Babysitter Wanted: The Game' Revealed

by Rainier on June 13, 2006 @ 10:37 a.m. PDT

Big Screen Entertainment Group has joined forces with the development team of Maxim Software, known for the PC edition of The DaVinci Code, to develop the movie-to-game adaptation of its upcoming horror/thriller title, Babysitter Wanted.

The first BSEG video game to go into production will be based on the feature film "Babysitter Wanted," a developed project fully owned by Big Screen Entertainment Group, which begins pre-production for the feature film in August. Additional titles selected from Big Screen Entertainment Group's library shall soon follow as Big Screen ventures into the $10.5 billion a year gaming industry.

The film "Babysitter Wanted" is in the horror/thriller genre. The story revolves around a tormented and tortured young girl whose only concern is the safety of herself and the child she is babysitting. Strange events unfold which lead to a tumultuous climax, leaving the audience hanging by their fingernails. Big Screen Entertainment Group believes "Babysitter Wanted - The Game" will be an innovative, compelling product, fun and challenging enough for hours of game play.

According to The NPD Group, in the first quarter (January-March) of 2006, total video game sales exceeded $2.1 billion in the United States, with Microsoft's Xbox 360 selling just over 1.5 million consoles domestically since its launch, through the end of April.

"As these ever-changing technologies continue to grow in popularity worldwide, they make a perfect marketing platform for our current and future projects, increasing our international exposure dramatically and generating parallel revenue streams for the company as well," said Kimberley Kates, chairperson/CEO of Big Screen Entertainment Group.

"'Babysitter Wanted' is a great project for Big Screen Entertainment Group's first video game. The universal fear of being alone and defenseless in an isolated place is an emotional hook that everyone can identify with, and is certainly a great jumping off point for an intriguing game. And with the feature film already in production, the development process of the video game will be much easier to achieve," said Daniel Silverstein, the manager of Big Screen Entertainment Group's video game and cell phone content division. The platforms that the game will support are still being decided on.

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